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A Wearable Chairless Chair

A company called Noonee has developed a wearable chairless chair that looks interesting for hiking and outdoor concerts. This model is in use by some companies such as Toyota, but the consumer price is quite steep at 3,750 euros for one (~$4,410).Add this to my wish list. More detail:(Failed YouTube embed:)https://youtu.be/ZTnoiHd7hFo (failed line break) The WordPress app is really terrible right now, it keeps messing up formatting of my posts and it is making me not want to post anything because I have to fight with it for even simple edits.) There are a few other wearable chairs you can buy now, but nothing that looks this useable so far. One thing you can’t do if you are wearing one however, is kneel.It’s fun to imagine wearable chairs progressing over the next 100 years with super materials into wearable houses.


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