Photos: Egyptian Zoo Denies Its Zebras are Painted Donkeys

… the zoo’s director, Mohamed Sultan, insisted his zebras were 100 percent legit to local radio station Nogoum FM, a local vet told the Cairo-based ExtraNews.TV that a zebra’s snout should be black and the stripes should be more consistent and parallel, according to the BBC.

CBS News also notes that zebras and donkeys, despite both bearing a resemblance to horses, are different species.

Other zoos have also been accused of trying to gray the area between zebras and donkeys.

In 2010, a zoo in Gaza painted stripes on two donkeys it purchased for $700 because they were much cheaper than the $30,000 zebras.

via HuffPost

Here is a real zebra next to a donkey. You be the judge if the above zebras are painted donkeys.

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