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The Strongest Material In the Universe: Nuclear Pasta?

Fans of the Flying Spaghetti Monster may be glad to hear that there is a new candidate for the strongest material in the Universe: nuclear pasta inside neutron stars. This idea comes from a simulation, but leads to expectations scientists may one day experimentally confirm.

The breaking strain of materials in neutron star (NS) crusts are relevant for a variety of electromagnetic and gravitational wave phenomena. Crust breaking may occur in magnetar outbursts, resonant crust shattering in NS mergers, and in the starquake model for pulsar glitches. Likewise, the shear modulus of crust matter may affect the oscillation frequency of magnetar flares, the damping of r-modes, and determine the height and lifetime of mountains on a NS.”

via The Elasticity of Nuclear Pasta


If I was making a game with characters battling, the strongest shield in the game would be a nuclear pasta shield.


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