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New Record: Woman Names 27 Cheeses in 30 Seconds

How many cheeses can you name in 30 seconds? Get your timer or stop watch app out now and try. Ready? Go! I got an embarrassing five on my first try. I suspect you can do better. Leave your guessed number of cheeses in a comment if you like. Unless you work at a cheese counter (or live in Wisconsin, land of cheese) you may have trouble coming up with more than ten in 30 seconds.

A Wisconsin woman wearing a cheesehead and carrying her young daughter name 27 cheeses in 30 seconds in a fan contest during a Milwaukee Bucks basketball game on Sunday.

… Asked how she knew so many, Kiesl replied, “I’ve lived in Wisconsin my whole life.”

Kiesl received a ball signed by Brown for her effort, Johnny Watson, the team’s director of live entertainment and programming, told HuffPost.

“She’s by far been the best contestant we’ve had,” he said.

Via HuffPost

Actually she named 27 cheeses in 28 seconds according to the counter:

For after you do the cheese naming self test, here is the video of Jamie Kiesl, a 35-year-old human resources manager for Kohl’s. The beginning is cut off and does “smoked” really count?

For quite a few more, you might enjoy the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch. Are any of these even real?

What’s the deal with Wisconsin and cheese?

In 1841, Anne Pickett established Wisconsin’s first commercial cheese factory, using milk from neighbors’ cows. A century later, Wisconsin was home to more than 1,500 cheese factories, which produced more than 500 million pounds of cheese per year.

Via Wikipedia

Now you know.

How many types of cheeses are there in the world?

There are over 120 cheeses listed at JoyousLiving. As to the CLOAC, (Complete List of All Cheeses) good luck. If “smoked” counts, we should also take fresh, fried, dried, aged, grated, shredded, cubed and other modifiers (and different combinations) as separate cheeses. Thus, smoked cheddar, dried cheddar, lemon cheddar, dried lemon cheddar, smoked lemon cheddar, dried smoked cheddar, and so on. Smoked lemon Ricotta cheese is one of the many listed at Zabars.

A common way to distinguish some cheeses is by the location or area of manufacture. This greatly expands the list as does the fact that different languages have different names for the same cheese.

Looking at just unique names for cheeses, combing the net for 30 minutes, I came up with a huge list of over 1,900 cheese names from various web sites. I don’t doubt that I could top 2,000 with a bit more effort, but below is what I found:

Xeno’s Master List of All Cheeses on Earth

What cheese is missing?

Note: Velveeta is not a type of cheese, it is a brand name for a processed American cheese. I don’t doubt that some other cheeses on my list should be removed by this criteria. Have at it.


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One thought on “New Record: Woman Names 27 Cheeses in 30 Seconds

  1. Did better than I thought – 12 🙂

    Posted by Soul Gifts | 7 Nov 2018, 11:42 pm

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