Dubai Police Hoverbike Training Begins

The future we have seen in many science fiction movies is getting closer. The video below shows a motorcycle-sized quad copter successfully carrying an adult rider, hovering and moving a few feet above the ground. If the Scorpion 3 ridable drone by the Russian company “hoversurf” performs well (and especially if criminals start using their own hover bikes,) we can imagine some pretty amazing chase scenes.

Dubai police confirmed officers are being trained to ride drone-like “hover bikes” so they can be used in the future to access difficult to reach areas.


Here is what its like to sit on one:

More details:

An S3 can carry a 229 lb person, reach 30 ft in altitude, and can travel up to 43 miles per hour. It has a range of 13 miles and about 30 min of flight time. How many years until an S3 police droner-cycle is faster than a Honda Civic? Time will tell.

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