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Japanese Politeness

What if this is a polite universe, a simulation designed to give you, with a random time delay, what you seek as much as possible? In other words, what if this is an iteration of heaven?

“Wouldn’t heaven be a much better place?” You may well ask.

Would it? Run with the idea that you are enjoying a super realistic entertainment vacation in a simulated reality. What would that mean in your life?

In mine, I could be unknowingy creating the strange world news and not just reporting it. Whoa. That’s impossible at first and second glance, of course, but so is my TV License Post / Doctor Who mention coincidence today.

“Keep perspective,” says the voice of reason.

Well, the idea is reasonable in a way. If “I” am a simulated being, then the simulator could also easily be the creator of all I experience.

In a lucid dream, if you get too caught up in the dream scene, you will forget you are dreaming.

You can influence the backdrop of the dream world, but not all that much. It’s not like you plan out a scene, write the script, design the props and characters and then push play, right? Not consciously. The details are just there already, a detailed virtual world, and you interact with it, or just observe.

Eliminate the obvious and whatever is left, no matter how unlikely, is the truth.

I’m awake. I know because I can look at something for more than six seconds and it does not morph into something else as happens in dreams.

Awake in what?

Now some built-in protection (in my brain or in the simulation) gets activated… I’m suddenly very tired. I can’t think about any of this anymore. I feel the whole thread slipping away. I doze off for a second. What was I talking about? Nothing important.

I should delete this post. No one needs it. I’ve aleady posted today. It isn’t interesting. Okay, I will … but if my finger slips and hits “Publish Now” instead, is it evidence that I have free will?


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One thought on “Japanese Politeness

  1. I think you might be onto something here.

    Posted by Mister Tea | 11 Nov 2018, 3:17 am

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