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Driverless Train Escapes, Gets Derailed + Coincidence Rabbit Hole

This is a weird true story. I’m a singer/songwriter who follows and shares strange news from around the world, including odd coincidences. I keep having my own strange coincidences. I’m likely living in a simulation. Here’s the latest: For the past weeks I’ve been working on an original song (1 of Xeno’s 100 Song Project) about an imaginary train that derails while carrying a mineral. On Nov 10, I posted the odd idea that we may be in a virtual heaven, a polite universe that manifests what we visualize, but with a time delay. On waking Nov 13 morning, I realized this: Only very recently, on Nov 4, did I add a plot twist in my song where the imaginary train is on autopilot. Oddly enough, a few days later on Nov 7, this true strange story below was published: An unmanned Australian train tried to make a break for it, but was stopped in just under an hour by derailment several days ago. A real driverless mineral-carrying train was derailed to prevent damage to a city on Monday, Nov 4, 2018, according to the BBC. Whoa. This happened THE DAY AFTER I updated my song to include the driverless detail about my mineral carrying train. Sorry about your train, guys. I think my songwriting may be to blame. Just kidding?

Update: Right as I finished writing the above words and was wondering about the possibility that the mineral in the real train is a clue to my health (iron, eh?), a banner popped up on my phone that said, “You asked for it… you got it!” It was a health related email.

Inside that email were these words:

Our poll revealed that the runaway #1 thing you wanted to know was… What products do we recommend?

Who ever uses the phrase “runaway #1“? Weird.

My right eye is stinging and watering like crazy as I type this, probably due to the smoky air. Then I read this in the same email:

It’s a new kind of WATER that’s going to go down in history as one of the biggest healing breakthroughs of the century.There is nothing else like this water anywhere on earth. That’s because it was developed by a genius scientist who discovered that our bodies respond to frequencies. When water is “tuned” to a specific frequency, it can literally stimulate the body to repair itself.

Interpretation after the fact? This simulation is so weird and amazing.

Here is my previous post about the runaway train:

The train began its getaway when the driver stepped off to inspect a wagon at around 4:40 a.m. It was eventually forcibly derailed just under an hour later at 5:30 a.m.

“While the driver was outside of the locomotive, the train commenced to runaway,” the ATSB statement said

“With no one on board, the train traveled for 92 km before being deliberately derailed at a set of points operated by the control center, about 119 km from Port Headland.”

Published on Nov 7, 2018

Here’s some video:

A 268-wagon train laden with iron ore started on its solo journey when the driver got down to carry out an inspection in West Australia on November 5. It soon hurtled along at up to 110 kilometers per hour, traveling more than 90 km in 50 minutes. To avoid reaching the town of Port Hedland, it was derailed remotely by its owner BHP.

The train crashed off the rails, damaging around 1,500 meters of tracks, but hurting no one.


Could it be the work of an AI newscaster who wanted something dramatic to report? Just kidding, Mister AI newscaster, just kidding.


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