Drunk Racoons Held by Police, Released

Police in Milton, West Virginia have reassured the public there that apparently rabid raccoons were in fact merely drunk on fermented crabapples.

“We have had calls on suspected rabid raccoons twice over the last two days,” the Milton Police Department wrote on Facebook. “Turns out they appear to be drunk on crabapples.”

The department released a mugshot of one of the masked suspects:

Milton (W.V.) Police Department

Police recently hauled in two drunk raccoons, although catching them was a “community effort.” After the animals sobered up, the officers released them into the woods unharmed.

Do not approach raccoons that are acting unusual, police said. Call the authorities just in case the creatures are ill rather than drunk.

Via WSAZ HuffPost

Here is an odd squirrel, also supposedly drunk on fermented crabapples, hopping around in the snow.

Here is what seems to be a drunk crow.

Crows are quite smart and after getting a taste of the offered booze, this one seems to be using the fermented beverage to clean itself, perhaps to get rid of some mites.

Finally, a strange news clip from Boulder Colorado, a larger animal drunk on fermented crabapples, a bear.

Animals can get intoxicated by fermented fruit. Some animals handle this better than others. American fruit bats can outdrink Egyptian fruit bats, for example.

Just like birds, bats get drunk off fermented fruit. But unlike Bohemian waxwings, bats in Central and South America are able to handle their alcohol. According to a 2009 study in Belize published by PLOS One, the highest blood alcohol content (BAC) that was tested in the bats was 0.3%. To put this in perspective, it’s illegal to drive in the United States with a BAC of more than .08%.

In the study, the bats were able to successfully fly through obstacle courses, using echolocation. But, this is only true for Central/South American bats. In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, Egyptian fruit bats had higher cases of collisions than their American counterparts.

Via BuzzFeed

I love the taste of beer batter, but almost never drink alcohol, just a taste of champagne at a New Year’s celebration some years.


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