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WordPress Bugs and Problems (Nov 2018)

Strange: A WordPress bug prevents reporting of WordPress bugs. I enjoy WordPress.com as a hosting platform, they optimize TrueStrange.com fairly well, but the current bugs are frustrating.

The worst currently is a bug that prevents reporting of any bugs from the WordPress app. I call this the peril sensitive sunglasses 😎 bug.

To help raise awareness, I’m publishing these true strange WordPress bugs and solutions as I find them. Check back for updates.

Issue 1: The new notice to “connect with WordPress” is cut off (button partly hidden on smaller mobile devices and I don’t want my users to see it. There is no way to turn this message off.

Issue 2: The support options in the App on iPhone do not work:

The “Contact Us” link gives this screen of nothingness:

Issue 3: The “My Tickets” link gives this failure notice with no further instructions.

Issue 4: A simple <p> for my theme gets a style tag added with lots of junk. I’m spending time in HTML view just cleaning up the code. Noticed past few days but not now Resolved?

Issue 5: I do not want my quotes with centered text by default, but there’s no option to change that in my theme. Solution: changed theme.

Issue 6: Also, a new line/paragraph entered in the app while inside a blockquote ends up adding a new blockquote, which is not good, because it also adds the image my theme uses for the bottom of blockquotes. (Workaround: changed themes) I liked the theme otherwise, but had to abandon it for this bug.

Steps to reproduce: Put acword in a blockquote, click at the end of the word and hit enter for new paragraph. You get this:



But code is not <p> as it should be:

Issue 7: In my new theme, only one recent post shows in the desktop view despite 10 being set in the “Reading” section which is supposed to control the number of posts seen. Answer: WordPress confirmed the bug in the Morning After theme and they won’t be fixing it. I am using an old theme that has expired and I should have read the notice. I saw it, but liked the theme so I took my chances. Unfortunately, no other free theme has a good newspaper look.

Issue 8: Images attached in the app as featured images disappear later after being successfully attached. This seems to happen when you do more edits to the post after attaching the featured image.

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