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ATM Found In Woods

Is it the time traveling space ship of a Time Lord known only as “The Banker”? A mysterious ATM has appeared in an unlikely place, a field in Hancock County, Maine.

Hancock County Sheriffs office investigators photographed this ATM a woman found during her morning walk on North Deer Isle on Tuesday. If this is your machine, they ask that you call them at 207-667-7575.

Footprints left in the snow — likely those of the several people who placed it there — ringed the Tidel ATM machine. McFarland recognized it immediately as a common brand, the smaller kind typically found in convenience stores, he said, and it was alongside another, smaller dirt road in an area frequented by outdoorsmen. …

It’s not unheard of for police to discover this kind of machinery cast away in hard-to-reach spots …

… this machine is intact, and no one has reported one missing or stolen recently, McFarland said.

… when McFarland plugged in the machine, it didn’t work.

“It is a little bit older machine, when you look at it up close. I am thinking it was discontinued from service and somebody wanted to get rid of it and thought it would be a good joke,” McFarland said.

Doesn’t every ATM have a serial number and associated sales records?

Update: Indeed, it was only a matter of time. The case has now been solved. I found the below only after writing the above.

A blue convenience store-style ATM pitched up in woods on Deer Isle, Maine. Hancock County police worked hard to track its owner before they were called by a woman who claimed it was a joke. … Detective Steve McFarland told WGME: ‘The lady was out for a walk, like she does every day, and saw it standing upright on the edge of the woods right where she walked, and she called us.’

The chief said on Wednesday, ‘She said, “This does not look right.”‘

But yesterday a dispatcher told the Herald the case had been solved while the detective was off work.

‘We’ve just heard from the owner, who said she picked the ATM out of the trash. She told us she put it there as a joke, to her neighboring property owners.’ The dispatcher told the Herald.

McFarland had been trying to trace the machine to its owner using the serial number, WGME said.

Nobody has yet been charged and McFarland said earlier he would rather not have to escalate to that as long as whoever left the cash machine would collect it.

via DailyMail

Oddly enough, while there is no mystery around “The Banker” (I just made that up for fans of Dr. Who), there was, I discovered after writing the above, a character known as “the Chocolate Man” arrested in relation to a string of stolen ATMs

Massachusetts authorities said they shut down a multistate ATM and vehicle theft ring run by a career criminal known as Willy Wonka or “the Chocolate Man.”

Via TurnTo10

This was a few months ago, but I never saw this story until just now. What are the odds that my writing intuition would direct me to create a charater with a pseudonym in association with a misplaced ATM? You’ll have to take my word for it that my joke of “the Banker” felt very “right” and satisfying when it came to me, and that I had never heard of the “Willy Wonka” ATM guy before.

Is this coincidence more evidence of something amazing at work, perhaps our hidden ability to reach into the future in actuality and not just by deduction?

Or this is all a simulation wherein we may manifest objects and situations, with time itself being the grand illusion, an overlay filled with intermittent doors through which we can access everything?

Or is it just an odd meaningless coincidence?

I don’t know… yet. Perhaps I never will, because if I ever did, I would now (know), right?

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night, whichever one for you is right.

PS. WordPress: Please stop losing my featured images. I have to add the same one back over and over now when posting from the app. Buggy. Buggy.


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