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Simulationist Exercise: Have Luck Symbol Dream, Feel Lucky

Here’s an advanced Simulationist exercise: Can you dream whatever you want? If not, keep practicing. If you can, try dreaming of a lucky symbol tonight. Dream the lucky symbol, whatever it is for you. When you do dream a lucky symbol, focus on the feeling that you are going to win big. Then, go play a game where you could win.

A Maryland man said he bought a $1 million winning lottery ticket thanks to a dream that told him he would be lucky.

The 52-year-old Montgomery County man told Maryland Lottery officials he had a dream where he saw a lucky symbol and woke with the feeling he was going to “win big,” so he decided to visit the Crescent Convenience store in Bethesda.

The Gaithersburg man picked out a Max A Million scratch-off ticket and went home to discover he couldn’t interpret the results.

The player returned to the store, where a clerk confirmed it was a $1 million winner.

“I cannot believe it,” the man said. “I am getting happy, happy, happy!”

The winner said he plans to pay off his son’s college tuition and put the rest into savings.


Remember, when this works, be surprised and go do something nice for someone.

How can you dream whatever you want? WikiHow has a few tips (paraphrased with my additions) below:

– Get enough sleep. Try going to bed at least an hour earlier every night.

– Pay attention to your dreams. Write them in a journal, for example.

– Don’t eat 2-3 hrs before sleep.

– No late-night sugar, snacking, alcohol, caffeine, or cigarettes

Get regular exercise to ease stress levels, but not too close to bedtime.

– Ease into sleep with a relaxation routine.

– Avoid stressful news and violent content in entertainment.

– No phones, no TV, and no computer 30 min to an hour before bed.

– Try putting roses or a good quality rose-scented oil near your bed. (Women exposed to the scent of roses throughout the night for at least 30 nights reported having more pleasant dreams. Would some other smell work better for men?)

– Set an alarm for every 30 minutes during the day and each time it goes off do a reality check to see if you are dreaming. (Get up and move, dance a bit to get into your body, then try to fly; read a sentence twice and make sure the words don’t change; close and open your eyes a few times and check that the room stays the same.)

A simple free iPhone app for this purpose, one that keeps you on your toes is “Random Timer”.

While I’m mostly opposed to superstitious thinking, I feel it is quite logical to test the hypothesis to your own satisfaction that we may be in a simulated universe which we can adjust. Manifesting actual reality with visualization vs selectively observing random events as the primed mind will do, which is it? What do you most deeply believe?

Good luck. 🍀👍


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