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Video: A Run of Giant Spools on Texas Freeways

How do you tie down your giant spools when you move them around? If you have a good method that doesn’t result in freeway surprises, please share your tip with contractors in the city of Houston, Texas where there have been no less than three recent incidents (Oct 25, Nov 12 and Dec 7 in 2018) involving giant spools getting away on freeways.

Siri wants me to write “giants pools” but no… I said spools.

Mirus Academy Principal Laura Hogan, who was riding a bus on Interstate 610 with about 25 students and some teachers, captured video of the large blue spool crossing lanes of traffic.

“When you’re taking a group of students, you don’t expect a Ferris wheel to come right at you,” Hogan told KTRK-TV.

She said the spool fell from the back of an 18-wheeler.

“The bus driver let out a loud ‘yelp’ and started to slam on the brakes. I thought we were about to get in a wreck, so I braced myself and looked up about to see a wreck going to happen, but what I saw was a gigantic spool,” Hogan said.

Police said the semi truck driver is cooperating with an investigation into the incident and will likely receive a citation.

Giant spools previously caused traffic chaos on Houston highways Oct. 25, when one of the objects rolled into traffic on Interstate 10, and Nov. 12, when two spools were sent rolling on the East Freeway


Houston is on a roll with this loose spool situation so be careful out there if you drive in the area. Two in two months is weird. Three in three months is very unlikely, but unlikely things happen every day. For January, all eyes will be on Houston for the long shot. How many days into the month can this city go before spooling a freeway again?

Leave a comment with your best psychic prediction.


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