The Green Flash is Real

Here’s a true strange phenomenon of which you may not know. The green flash may sound like a new superhero, a mix of the Flash and the Green Lantern, but it is a real and very brief flash of green color caused by light bending at the horizon when the sun is rising or setting. You can sometimes see this sudden green color change for one or two seconds. It has also been photographed.

A green flash is a phenomenon in which part of the sun appears to suddenly change color for about 1 or 2 seconds. The brief flash of green light is seen more often at sunset than at sunrise.

This fleeting spectacle is caused by the refraction of sunlight, which is particularly significant at sunset and sunrise, when the light travels through more of the Earth’s atmosphere. The atmosphere bends the sunlight passing through it, separating the light into its different colors, much like a prism bends and splits sunlight into rainbows, according to Cornell University.

via LiveSci

I’ve never seen it live, but I also never knew to look. File under rare sights of the earth I hope to see one day.

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