(Video) Moose Enters Hospital, Samples Plants, Leaves

The only US state I have not yet visited, Alaska, has some fun strange news today. A moose wandered into a hospital in Anchorage, ate parts of the decorative plants there for about 10 minutes and then left the building. Here’s some video:


How unusual is this really? Here’s a moose at the Anchorage hospital posted Sept 6, 2011.

This hospital moose thing goes way back. Here’s a different video of a different event, posted July 25, 2007.

Hmm. Below is the UPI story for today’s hospital moose.

Witnesses said the moose wandered onto the Alaska Regional Hospital campus in Anchorage just before noon Monday and ended up strolling through the automatic doors into the Wise Physical Therapy office building.

Surprised employees captured video as the moose made its way to the building’s atrium and sampled some of the decorative plants.

“She was just going about her business, having a morning snack,” employee Stephanie Hupton told KTUU-TV.

Monica Emerton, owner of the company that maintains the atrium, told the Anchorage Daily News “not many” of the plants were eaten by the moose.

“She was just tasting, apparently,” she said.

Witnesses said the moose wandered out of the building on her own after about 10 minutes and left the area.

Read more:  UPI

I assume none of the plants sampled are plastic, good thing for the moose, but were also not very tasty to the moose, good thing for the hospital.


2 thoughts on “(Video) Moose Enters Hospital, Samples Plants, Leaves”

  1. omg, this is so fantastic. It’s like the moose in Alaska are saying, “Yep you live in our world, expect your plants to be eaten,” lol, loved these videos.

    1. I love how careful the moose was being. I think you are right. Someday many hospitals may have their own moose as habitats keep shrinking.

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