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A “Rain” of Spiders in Brazil

Spiders built a giant sky net in Brazil and a boy there got some video of this freaky event. No one enjoys a rain of, much less a rein of, spiders. This is a time we humans need to stick together. Lets all chip in and send Brazil our hungry birds.

A young boy has filmed the incredible moment it began ‘raining’ spiders in Brazil leaving him “stunned and scared.”

Hundreds of the eight-legged invaders can be seen floating in the sky in the astonishing clip captured in a rural area of southern Minas Gerais state.

Although the spiders appear to be falling from the sky they are actually being suspended by a massive web they have spun to catch prey.

The extraordinary phenomenon is caused by the hot, humid weather, according to experts.

Hundreds of the eight-legged invaders can be seen hanging in the sky (Image: João Pedro Martinelli Fonseca)

“It is a tactic to increase the area for catching food, usually insects. Silk threads act as parachutes, so the rain of spiders is also called ‘ballooning'”, a biologist explained.

João Pedro Martinelli Fonseca, 14, filmed the scene while travelling to his grandparent’s farm and was stunned by the black dots in the sky, especially when one fell inside the car.

The student’s grandmother, Jercina Martinelli, told a local newspaper: “There were many more webs and spiders than you can see in the video.

Via Mirror

Planning a trip to Brazil? In the immortal words of one of Will Smith’s characters:



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One thought on “A “Rain” of Spiders in Brazil

  1. Ewww – wouldn’t want to be arachnophobic! Having said that, they are amazing creatures. Perhaps they are spinning newness. The strength of that silk they spin is phenomenal. I believe it is being used medicinally too.

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    Posted by Soul Gifts | 17 Jan 2019, 8:56 pm

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