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Anti-Stalking + Legit Journalism + 100 Old Smoking Age

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Due to spooky events in my life, I’ve been on the “low to no tech challenge” for a few weeks now. It has been difficult. Try it: Get a few of those pouches that block ALL emissions from your toll booth pass, phones, key fobs, RFID containing items, laptops, etc, seal them all in double Faraday cage bags, then try no using credit or ATM cards. No email too. Let people know first so they don’t worry needlessly. How long could you go? In a crazy world of digital stalkers, you may thank yourself for having this ready to go.

Some things like using DuckDuckGo as your search engine, torBrowser for extra privacy and fewer ads in your email, a ProtonMail email address and even ProtonVPN help, but even so, someone with your cell number can still buy your current location and your location history. This puts everyone at risk from crime gangs. We need to lobby to stop location aggregators from being able to sell our locations.

On my recent adventure, I’ve been talking to real news people about how to move from a being casual blogger to being a more legitimate strange news reporter. One thing I learned is that exerpts with links, photos and screenshots from others sites as I’ve been doing for 20+ years under the Fair Use provision of US copyright laws, is not the way to go. I’ve posted over 16,000 things this way, commenting on most, and have had really only about 5 complaints, which I addressed right away, and none in recent years. It works because I have no advertisements and make no money from my efforts here, but if I wanted a True Strange News business, I’d need to retool this site and xenophilia.com as well.

I am fairly sure that linking to a good story will always be allowed, as this is the nature of the Internet, but I’ll need to use free clip art and images and my own words.

If you’ve made the transition from casual blogger to more serious journalist, please leave me any tips that you might have.

So now the strange news award after reviewing the news from last week or so goes to Hawaii’s consideration of raising the legal minimum age to buy cigarettes to 100 years old.

Great idea. I’m glad I never got started.

Wishing you some good love in the Valentine’s Day atmosphere.



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One thought on “Anti-Stalking + Legit Journalism + 100 Old Smoking Age

  1. How sad our world has got to this !

    Posted by Soul Gifts | 12 Feb 2019, 5:24 pm

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