The Mysterious Cleaning Mouse of Stephen Mckears

The most amazing story I found today is this: Stephen Mckears, 72, thought he was “going mad” when he noticed that his shed was being mysteriously cleaned up every night.

His kids thought it was a ghost. A neighbor helped him set up a motion sensing camera and what they found was this: a strong and determined mouse, for the past month, had been working for about 2.5 hours every night starting at midnight, sometimes lifting objects up to twice its size into a plastic container.

The story on UPI did not indicate if he had a wife who had passed away, but my first thought was that this mouse might be trying to send him some love from the other side.

Another theory: Could this be an escaped experimental mouse with human brain cells, such as was done at Rochester Medical Center in New York in 2014? Mister Mckears lives in Severn Beach, England, but a smart enough mouse might make it there from New York, right?

Any other theories?

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