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He Had Four Bees Living in Her Left Eyelid

Here’s an unlikely but true story: A woman with the name He picked up four tiny “sweat bees” in her left eye while tending a family grave site. They were living under her left eyelid and she, He, remained unaware of them until eye pain sent her to a University hospital in Taiwan.

It sounds unbelievable but doctors in Taiwan have removed four bees embedded in a woman’s left eye.

The 29-year-old patient went to Fooyin University Hospital last month because of severe pain in that eye. Doctors discovered the tiny bees feeding off the moisture in her tear ducts, according to Business Insider Singapore.

Via HuffPost

… The hospital’s head of ophthalmology, Dr Hung Chi-ting said at a press conference that such bees nest near graves and in fallen trees, so chances of coming across them while hiking in the mountains are high, Apple Daily Taiwan reported.

“I was visiting and tidying a relative’s grave with my family. I was squatting down and pulling out weeds,” He said at a news conference.

Assuming that sand or dirt had gotten into her eye, He said that she cleaned her eye with water at the time.

However, she started experiencing a stinging pain and teared continuously.

During the press conference, Dr Hung said: “I saw something that looked like insect legs, so I pulled them out under a microscope slowly, and one at a time without damaging their bodies.”

The insects were later identified as sweat bees, Apple Daily said.

Dr Huang explained to reporters that even though sweat bees do not attack people, they are attracted to the perspiration of humans.

Via BusInsider


He is expected to make a full recovery in part because she did not rub her eye very much.


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2 thoughts on “He Had Four Bees Living in Her Left Eyelid

  1. That is just grosss !

    Posted by Soul Gifts | 11 Apr 2019, 8:23 pm

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