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The Kangaroo Chicken Mouse, aka Jerboa

Welcome to the weekend. The best strange thing I have for you today is an unusual little beast, a creature I call the kangaroo chicken mouse. They are not actually in the mouse, kangaroo (or obviously chicken) families, however. Officially known as a jerboa, this crepuscular hopping desert rodent Native to North Africa and Asia can sprint up to 15 miles per hour and will dart around erratically when chased. They can also jump as high as three feet in the air.

Here is a clear video. A jackalope it is not.

Some call them T-Rats, the rat version of a T-Rex.

The long eared version of the kangaroo chicken mouse (kcm) is even more surprising looking:

They look like Japanese cartoon characters come to life … except for the legs.

… Jerboas look somewhat like miniature kangaroos, and have some external similarities. Both have long hind legs, very short forelegs, and long tails. Jerboas move around in a similar manner to kangaroos, which is by hopping. 

Via Wikipedia

If you’re used to seeing only rabbits, rats and mice, jerboas, with legs at least four times the length of their arms can be quite surprising.


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6 thoughts on “The Kangaroo Chicken Mouse, aka Jerboa

  1. Aww, they’re kind of cute!

    Posted by J.S. Pailly | 20 Apr 2019, 9:24 am
  2. Amazing variation on form for all of us critters on Earth! No wonder Darwin reach the conclusion(s) he did. In my more whimsical moments, I’ve tried to imagine a god imagining and creating each of these variations from scratch. As I learned more and more about biology the more sense evolution and variation of species made common sense. Thanks for one more thread in that evolution of my understanding!

    Posted by SilverBee | 20 Apr 2019, 6:43 pm
  3. It was an awakening for me to start to understand self-organizing systems, from ice crystals to human brains. Complexity and organization will arise from just a few rules governing local interactions of structures at the atomic level. In this way you just need a prime mover and the entire system (this universe) seems self perpetuating and self evolving. Except now we are seeing that influences from outside of what we know as the universe generate our illusion of space-time. I’m still puzzling about that mind-bender… The more we learn, the less we see we know. 🙂

    Posted by Xeno | 20 Apr 2019, 7:00 pm
    • Well, I wrote a mind-bending reply and then got involved in changing my icon and lost the reply. Maybe tomorrow. The upshot is, though, that I look ahead to what science reveals and gave up on the promise of the supernatural. I won’t be around when it happens, but I think the capabilities of science to keep reaching beyond what we currently are able to know will continue to evolve (smile) to reach beyond today’s limits.

      Posted by SilverBee | 20 Apr 2019, 7:55 pm
    • The notion that space-time is an illusion is a fascinating notion. I love being challenged to think what is unthinkable. Guess that’s why I enjoy your posts. Thanks.

      Posted by SilverBee | 20 Apr 2019, 7:57 pm

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