3 Cute Matching Outfits To Wear With Your Partner

Wearing matching outfits can be a cute way to show that you are in a loving relationship with your partner, but there is a thin line between cute and cringe that sadly many couples seem to cross. If you’re tired of the tacky “King&Queen” shirts or the “Property of my boyfriend/girlfriend” tops, here are a few ideas of how you can wear matching outfits in a cute and elegant way.

Monochrome looks

The easiest way to dress up in matching clothes without coordinating your looks too much is by wearing a monochrome ensemble of the same color. Monochrome outfits can be in any color of your choice, from classic black and white to bold and bright colors like red or green. For example she wears a long black dress with matching accessories and he gets to wear a pair of black trousers and a shirt of the same color. This way, you get a stylish and classy appearance without looking too matchy. Additionally, you can wear clothing in the same color, but in different shades or patterns, for example, one partner can wear a baby blue ensemble while the other wears a dark blue one.

Classic sweaters

For a cozy and comfortable look, matching knits are the way to go especially during the colder months of the year. The key to looking good in matching sweaters is to choose versatile garments that look good on both of you and can be worn on diverse occasions, the Celtic-inspired Aran sweaters being the perfect example. You can wear them on a casual date, a day out in the park, or a Christmas photo shoot. You can find Aran sweaters for both of you, as well as lots of other Celtic clothing online; get a sweater in the same color and design and it will make the perfect addition to your fall and winter wardrobe. Overall, matching knit sweaters are an excellent way to wear matching outfits while still maintaining both style and comfort.


This season, denim is at the peak of its popularity, which makes it one of the most stylish fabrics a couple can incorporate into their matching outfits. Since it is such a simple and versatile textile, it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For example, you can both wear some straight-leg jeans and an oversized white t-shirt with a denim jacket on top if you’re going for a casual look, but you can also make it look fancier by playing around with textures and designs such as the trendy color block pattern. Denim overalls can also make great matching outfits for when you’re trying to make your ensembles funnier, especially when worn with colorful shirts or long sleeve tops underneath.

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