3 Outfit Ideas For Summer

Summer is just around the corner and if you want to save up some time and spare yourself of shopping at the overcrowded malls, we recommend starting getting the garments and accessories you’d like to wear starting from this very moment. Social media platforms such as Instagram can be amazing sources of inspiration, as they also feature the latest trends,  but you should also consider your personal preferences when looking for your next best summer wardrobe. In case you need some help, we’re here to give you a few ideas on what garments are a must in your closet for the next three months and how you can wear them in a stylish way.

Beach vibes

Contrary to popular opinion, beach clothing is pretty versatile and can be worn in lots of other settings than just when you’re enjoying the hot summer days on the shore. If correctly paired, they can make excellent everyday looks even if you live in a big city or work in an office. A combination of denim shorts and a white t-shirt, for example, can be paired with a blazer and some loafers worn with long white socks for a perfect preppy, yet comfortable look. Finish the outfit with a big leather tote bag, some chunky gold earrings, and the iconic beach waves hairstyle and you’re good to go! Thin cotton jumpsuits are another beachwear that can be easily worn on a daily basis, all you need to do is to pair them with some casual accessories like a wristwatch, a long necklace, some basic white sneakers, and a pair of massive sunglasses to protect your eyes from the dangerous sun rays.

Natural fabrics

Over the last few years, summer months have been getting hotter and hotter, which made us pay more attention to the fabrics that we wear and give preference to the natural ones that are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable on the hot days. Apart from the classic cotton and linen garments that we all love and that are the best options for the next three months, merino wool, as surprising as it might sound, is a wonderful textile to be worn in summer. From thin t-shirts that are great for everyday wear to lightweight Irish cardigans that make the best garment for layering on a chilly summer night, merino wool is a fabric that you should definitely add to your wardrobe this year. Wear a white flowy midi dress with some espadrilles sandals and an Irish cardigan as the ones you can find when going to a site like of a light color on top and finish the look with a canvas tote bag and a thin choker.

Stylish swimsuits

We can’t imagine summer without going to the beach, be it the ocean or even a local pool in your area. Hence, you need at least two fashionable swimsuits that will also be comfortable and let you get a beautiful tan without any unnecessary tan lines. Go for vivid colors and patterns, as they complement the tanned skin perfectly. Moreover, any swimwear, regardless of how basic it might seem, can be stylised into a beautiful beach outfit when accessorized correctly. For example, you can wear it with denim shorts and an oversized shirt knotted at the front or a lace pareo and a straw bag for a practical and stylish outfit. Ankle bracelets look especially good with swimwear, so make sure to grab a few of those during your next Target run.

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