7 Incredible Dress Silhouettes

Dress Silhouette is what you see in a dress at one glance. When designers get around to making beautiful dresses, they have the silhouette in mind first and foremost. It is the most basic thing about a design. Here are the most common dress silhouettes, courtesy of real money casinos online.

  1. Sheath silhouette

A sheath silhouette is a form-fitting silhouette from the top to the bottom of the garment. The way this silhouette hugs the body makes it an unforgiving style for those without a perfect figure. A defined waist is a prerequisite for looking good in this silhouette. This style is usually fitted with slits in the hem for ease of movement. Sheath dresses are a prime example of this silhouette. Fitted jeans and pencil skirts all belong to this silhouette.

  1. A-line silhouette

This silhouette is fitted in the bodice and flares slightly in the skirt making it look like a capital A.

The A-Line silhouette works well for most people; A garment in this silhouette is narrow at the top and widens towards the hem in a gradual manner smoothing out awkward lines and curves of the body and hence flatters most body shapes. Read more about an A-line silhouette here.

  1. Straight Column silhouette

The dress which belongs to this silhouette will have a rectangular shape as it has almost the same measurement for the bust waist and hem. It is also referred to as a Rectangular silhouette / tubular silhouette. A shift dress is an example of this type. A person with a thick waist and wide hips will love this silhouette as it hides these flaws very comfortably.

In a gown, this silhouette may also show up fitted in the bodice and with a column-style skirt without any flare, going straight down to the floor. This is very often seen silhouetted in summer clothes. Clothes of this silhouette are best made with fabric that drapes very well, which are lightweight.

  1. Hourglass silhouette

This silhouette is characterized by a fitted waistline. This very popular silhouette emphasizes the curves of the feminine figure. You can design this silhouette with the help of waistbands, belts, and darts. Corset tops and bustiers with a flared skirt can emphasize the waist and create this silhouette.

This is one of the most coveted of all silhouettes but is most suitable for people with a narrow waist. You need a somewhat slim waistline to do justice to this silhouette. Pear-shaped bodysuits this silhouette more than an apple body shape or an inverted triangle provided the wearer doesn’t have a very thick waistline. This is the type of dress Arjen Robben’s wife wears in her public outing.

  1. Bell silhouette

Bell or Ballgown silhouette is fitted in the bodice till the waist and then flares generously to the hem to make a bell-shaped skirt. This silhouette is typically found in traditional dresses/ party gowns; a very popular choice of for wedding dresses by young women about to be married.  The flare of the skirt in this silhouette is mostly achieved by layers of fine fabric. A petticoat with many frills of crinoline under the gown also helps to create this silhouette, and you might find this type of dress in a fashion-themed games at bestaucasinosites online gambling library.

  1. Trumpet silhouette

This silhouette which is also called the mermaid silhouette is very similar to the sheath silhouette, the difference being that it flares generously from the knees like a ball gown. The tight-fitting of this silhouette till the knees makes it very difficult for movement but it is undoubtedly a very beautiful silhouette and hence worth the sacrifice.

  1. Shoulder Wedge silhouette

This is a silhouette with an emphasis on the shoulder. This silhouette is made so with the help of design additions like shoulder pads or with sleeve types like the butterfly sleeves or puff sleeves, giving extra emphasis to the shoulders. This silhouette, as it comes with an almost masculine width to the shoulder, lends a very thin look to the hips and waist.

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