A brief history of Tommy Hilfiger

Everyone can now recognise the distinctive red, white and blue logo of Tommy Hilfiger but this hasn’t been the case for a long time. A fairly recent addition to the fashion industry, Tommy Hilfiger was still in the making during the 1980s. It was 1985 before the company got its first advert displayed in Time Square, New York.

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The nineties were the coming of age for the Hilfiger brand when rappers began wearing the clothing line. When Snoop Dogg wore a Tommy sweatshirt on Saturday Night Live, the brand really took off. Grab your selection of Tommy Hilfiger Menswear from a site like Louis Boyd

What started as a line of clothing aimed at the menswear market, soon welcomed women into the fold with a range of womenswear from 1996 onwards. Many top celebs have supported the brand, especially in the music industry. Today, Hilfiger has seen collaborations with sportspeople too, namely Lewis Hamilton which has further boosted their presence in the market.

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The future looks bright for this designer as they plan to change with the times, stay current and introduce a line of completely sustainable clothing. They also plan to reduce waste and packaging in line with what consumers are increasingly demanding.

Tommy Hilfiger is now a $6 billion business specialising in retro and vintage inspired quality apparel that offers comfort and style. It is a brand that has stood the test of time and shows no signs of any reduction in that popularity.

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