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A Continuation to F1’s Exciting Start

The sporting calendar is certainly off to an exciting start in 2021 given the dry spell experienced for many throughout 2020, and throughout the year there will certainly be plenty of change as opportunities become more available for the return of fans to big sporting stadiums and the other adjustments made to each sport individually to reflect the changes needed. Many fans have been relying on other services throughout this period of time as gaming options like some no verification casinos online have certainly been amongst the most popular, but the returning sporting options are certainly changing things, and F1 is certainly topping the list for many too.

The start of the month saw the 2021 F1 season head to Bahrain to start out where things finished off, with a new team on the grid and some changes in driver rosters, it was certainly a very exciting start to the season in what is already shaping up to be perhaps the most competitive in recent memory if the front runners of both Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen can continue their close rivalry if the battle up front is to continue. This weekend sees the second race of the record long season this year as Formula 1 returns to Italy and to Imola and a continuation to the exciting start seen earlier this month.

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A big question for many will now be whether or not fans will be able to attend a growing number of events – there were a limited number permitted in Bahrain a few weeks ago, and whilst initially it was hoped that fans would be able to attend the upcoming race at Imola once against the third wave of the pandemic spreading has left some fans a little less than hopeful, or only fans that have received their vaccine. As the year progresses, it’s more or less a certainty that stadiums will start to fill once against particularly towards the end of the year as the sport returns to locations that are fully vaccinated but given there are some races on the schedule that will go through COVID hotspots such as Mexico and Brazil there is also the possibility that the record long 23-race season could be  cut a little shorter if troubles are found along the way.

Even though this latest season has only just got underway, there are many fans eagerly anticipating the start of the 2022 season too – with big changes on the way that could once again dramatically change the performance of the teams, and even the possibility of some veterans retiring and the entry of some new younger racers too – F1 fandom is growing, and it’s certainly an exciting time to get into the sport as big changes could mean a very different F1 landscape to one that many remember.

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