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There was a short-lived Men’s Adventure Magazine by bodybuilder Joe Weider and his brother Ben called TrueSTRANGE (1956-1958) and the tagline for this site is taken from that source, a nod to the history of the brand. Editor Xeno’s effort has been to enhance TrueStrange, removing the trashy tabloid elements and providing content that is more along the lines of Omni magazine (1978-1995), that is, educational, verifiable and factual amazements for the Internet era.

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Some welcome having their articles cross posted on the blogosphere as this drives new traffic to their own website. Others feel they are somehow being ripped off when their publicly posted content becomes more public. The truestrange.com site provides a “strange news” aggregation service, collecting the most interesting stories of the day on topics such as UFOs, Aliens, Politics, Humor and Fringe Technology. Based on case law, the Fair Use Provision of US copyright law permits the copying of entire articles for the purpose of news reporting. However, to avoid DMCA disputes, it is our policy to remove or alter any contested items as quickly as possible. If you have a concern, please contact the editor.

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  1. This site has very strange and intresting events and findings happening across the border. Thanks for the job and keep it up….we wish all the best to overcome one the best site in the web world surpassing google or any other top sites available online now.


  2. With regards to Rods (Funnily enough listening to radio special on ‘Rod’ Stewart at the moment!)has anybody got hold of various insects and released them, filming the results of their flight? If they are insects, surely you could prove this by using various films, shutter speeds and insects? If they alive, why have no bodies been found or is it that they only visible on film because they exist outside the normal light spectrum? (Not hard when you consider how much visible light we see, when compared to the invisible part of the spectrum (Likewise UFOs). Another thing if orbs are dust particles, why not prove it by hitting furniture and filming the rising particles? Where are the experiments I want to know, rather than the theories?

  3. By the way good site – will recommend to a science site I belong to, if nobody else has already!

  4. Hi Xeno.

    So I am reading this “about” site to find out more about the author behind this blog. All it says is that you are a singer/songwriter whose uncle was the bassist in Led Zeppelin. What does that have to do with popular science?


    1. Hi Anna, are you with the relevancy of blog authorship police? 😉 No, not Zeppelin, some other old famous rock band.

      ….If you are looking for my credentials I very purposefully do not list any because I feel that experts are only useful if they can point you to the best evidence when there is ambiguity. In what I post on this blog, I want it not to matter if I’m a doctor, a secret government agent, a Nobel prize winning researcher, or a crazy homeless guy with one eye and a wooden chin.

  5. I agree. Credentials most times aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. Observe and learn. When the student is ready the teacher will appear….:)

  6. Hello Xeno.

    Thanks for your reply. No, I am not currently in the blog authorship relevancy police corps, I was just curious. I actually do find it interesting what an authors educational/professional background is. It does say something about a person: it says that the person chose to study a particular field for some time (but not why), or that a person has insight into a particular industry (but not which insight). So I always read the ‘about’.

    In my case, my resume doesn’t say anything about who I am as a person or what my interests are, because there are a number of partly random and partly undisclosed reasons for my educational & professional path. However, it does indicate certain lines of experience and certain theoretical frameworks, which of course shapes the way I think.

    1. Makes sense. To quote Dan Bern, if you must put me in a box make it a big box… With lots of windows…and a door to walk through.

    1. Gibby, far out. Really far. You have, without a doubt, made the weirdest most random David Bowie tribute video in the known universe. My logical mind fought it, but I laughed out loud, nevertheless. I expect that your video will be used in the future by doctors as therapy for the overly rational or by the military as a form of torture to trigger confessions or insanity, depending on the dosage.

  7. Thank you for looking at my posting of Psycho Critics. I just bet it was the reference to David Bowie that caught you up into my blog posting! Your site is most intriguing, to say the least. I am delusional with all the factoids and facts posted. I love it! Thank you for coming into my life! You’ll find more good stuff as you work your way through my memoriesofatime.blog

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