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Some Strange Behaviors on Airlines Explained

Science has explanations for some unusual behavior on airline flights. It turns out that lower oxygen in the cabin makes some people revert to deeper brain functions and this results in, for example, the previously unexplained crying of some passengers. In addition sustained loud noise in a jet was found to reduce the ability to … Continue reading

Man on Jet Board Highlight of French Festival

There were Bastille Day fireworks at the Eiffel Tower yesterday, July 14, 2019. During the day, French inventor and entrepreneur Franky Zapata piloted the jet powered aerial vehicle which he calls the Flyboard Air. This jet-powered howeverboard can travel about 6-10 minutes before running out of fuel (carried in backpack worn by the rider). It … Continue reading

Alert: Massive Manhattan Power Outage

Strange News Alert: In a 42 year coincidence, Con Edison, the power company for the Manhattan area says a transformer fire was responsible for power loss to 73,000 customers tonight. It was 42 years ago today in 1977 that the city of New York had its famous power outage. The huge outage tonight began around … Continue reading

Silly Fun: T-Rex Races

At the Emerald Downs racetrack the gates open and the race begins, but instead of thoroughbreds, a mass of people wearing oversized T-Rex costumes bursts forth, running as fast as they can. Saturday’s race marked the third year in a row that T-Rexes have sprinted at Emerald Downs. After a video of last year’s event … Continue reading

Land Crabs Invade Florida Home

Land crab invasion alert: Dan Skowronski in Port St. Lucie, Florida said heavy rains this week caused land crabs in the area to evacuate their burrows. His video shows hundreds of the animals climbed onto his backyard porch screen in an apparent attempt to stay out of the water. The crabs are seen climbing up … Continue reading

Accused Car Thief Carrying Rattlesnake, Uranium and Whiskey

On June 26 in Guthrie, Oklahoma, police found a rattlesnake, a canister of radioactive powdered uranium and an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey during a traffic stop of a stolen vehicle. He also had a gun, but this is not uncommon in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a state where it is legal for an adult to openly … Continue reading

$5 Billion Fine for Facebook’s Privacy Violations, Wall $$?

Strange News Alert: Facebook is about to be hit with the largest fine ever imposed by the FTC against a tech company, 5 billion dollars, but the strange thing is, this is being called just a “slap on the wrist” for the super wealthy world social media giant. The FTC began probing Facebook in March … Continue reading

A California Story plus 200+ Faces of Bigfoot

I heard an interesting second hand story recently about a Bigfoot sighting. A man saw Bigfoot walk up a steep cliff fast like it was nothing a few years ago near the ocean in California. His friend who told me the tale said the man was very unhappy about having had the experience. He said, … Continue reading

Mystery Orange Bird Explained

A strange orange bird turned out to be a regular white seagull that fell into some curry or turmeric and was then unable to fly. The bird was fine after being washed up and re-oiled, but still smelled like an Indian dinner. It seems the brightly colored bird somehow got doused in turmeric and was … Continue reading

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