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835 Tubas Playing at Once Win World Record

Here’s is a first: A record largest number of tuba players played the same song together in Kansas City recently. Hear a few seconds of audio with the story about this new world record: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DmJC58JAOU8 A massive tuba ensemble has smashed a Guinness World Record in Kansas City and spread some Christmas cheer. KSHB-TV reports … Continue reading

Video: A Run of Giant Spools on Texas Freeways

How do you tie down your giant spools when you move them around? If you have a good method that doesn’t result in freeway surprises, please share your tip with contractors in the city of Houston, Texas where there have been no less than three recent incidents (Oct 25, Nov 12 and Dec 7 in … Continue reading

Weird: Rat Eats $19,000 In ATM. Really?

When was the last time you heard of something as big as a rat getting into a secure box like an ATM, and then eating a huge amount of cash? This unlikely thing is claimed to have happened in India. They may want to check a few details, however, like would any rat anywhere, no … Continue reading

Have You Every Seen… Our Sun’s North Pole?

Like me, you may have assumed that the sun looks the same from any angle, even from the top or bottom. Does it? Decide for yourself after viewing humanity’s best (non-secret) view of the top of our sun. Behold our great sun’s north pole! Very cool but wait, … are you sure that’s not the … Continue reading

Sound Alternatives to Dog Anxiety Meds for Fireworks

New Years celebrations approach and fireworks terrify some dogs. I was there when a good dog, a years long pet of friends, died from firework fright of a heart attack one sad night. In recent news, the US has approved Pexion ( which contains imepitoin an anti-convulsant once used to treat epilepsy in humans), a … Continue reading

Several Singing Donkeys

Just so you know, these days skilled recording engineers could fake the audio on these first two videos, morphing ordinary braying into awesome beautiful singing, but I assume all the news organizations running these stories checked the facts and that these are legit, so here are some singing donkeys. Singing Donkey in Ireland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1tYL228uOI Singing … Continue reading

World Record Giant Coffee Pot Shape of People

Best strange news award today goes to: a giant animated coffee pot made of people. I don’t know the symbolism, but I’ve seen the symbol before on foreign coins and even to this foreigner in a far away land (USA) this giant Arab coffee pot was an interesting thing for a school to create. It’s … Continue reading

Hand-Skating World Record

I’m riding out a wretched flu and strange news has been slow, but this hand-skating is amazing and worth a look. Enjoy. Mirko Hansen has a unique talent. Hansen writes: … after years of tough training, I am now happy to be able to show you this unique sport I came up with. I call … Continue reading

A Map of All Starlight, Ever Produced vs the Eye of Sauron

A collaboration between earth based and space telescopes have created an entire sky map of all light from all observable stars in the universe … and it does not look like the Eye of Sauron. Well, perhaps just a little. From their laboratories on a rocky planet dwarfed by the vastness of space, scientists have … Continue reading