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How Lasers Can Summon Antimatter

Can light create antimatter? Not directly, but laser light can accelerate electrons to create gamma rays to create antimatter. If scientists use powerful laser pulses to accelerate electrons to near the speed of light, gamma rays are created. As the gamma rays collide, they create matter-antimatter pairs. Using optical traps, the electrons can be contained … Continue reading

Bus Costume Fails to Cross “No Pedestrians” Bridge in Russia

A surprised witness filmed and posted to YouTube a video (below) of four people trying to walk across the Zolotoy Bridge in Vladivostok while wearing a cardboard bus costume. The video shows police stop the group and make them turn around. “Why are they being chased away? It’s beautiful, it’s art! Why don’t they understand it?” … Continue reading

Drunk Racoons Held by Police, Released

Police in Milton, West Virginia have reassured the public there that apparently rabid raccoons were in fact merely drunk on fermented crabapples. “We have had calls on suspected rabid raccoons twice over the last two days,” the Milton Police Department wrote on Facebook. “Turns out they appear to be drunk on crabapples.” The department released … Continue reading

Earth Detected Muons Proof of Time Dilation

Here’s an amazing apparant proof that time dilation is real, that time is relative, that it stretches and shrinks relative to others depending on your relative velocity. If this were not true, we would not be able to detect subatomic particles at the surface of the earth known as muons (similar to electrons, but larger) … Continue reading

New Natural Antibiotics Found in Dirt

Have you heard of kanglemycins? These newly discovered antibotics were found by examining organisms from dirt. In 2018 we are still at a primitive stage where most of us can not engineer safe cures for common diseases. As pathogenic microbes have evolved, thanks in part to our overuse of antibiotics, our arsenal of antibiotics have … Continue reading

New Quantum Hard Drive Stores Light Pulses

Isn’t it strange that light itself has been stopped, that it was captured in a cold cloud in Australia in 2016? Further progress has been made and now in 2018 captured light has been used to make a sort of hard drive. This new AMU experiment made use of a light trap by firing an … Continue reading

Antarctica: Earth’s Largest Volcanic Region

It sounds unlikely, but the largest known concentration of volcanoes on Earth is in Antarctica under the ice. Some of the fairly newly discovered volcanoes are capped by more than 2 miles of ice sheet. Scientists in 2017 using ice-penetrating radar and satellite data found 91 new volcanoes, with the tallest said to be over … Continue reading

Seattle: Cloudy With A Chance Of Two-Pound Metal Balls

This strange event took place around the end of last month in West Seattle, Washington. It resulted in a small fine for a truck driver. Some of his cargo of 22,000 two pound steel griding balls used in mining to grind rocks into sand, escaped and went rolling down a hill. Videos: SeattlePD … shut … Continue reading

China’s AI News Anchors

What jobs are better done by artificial intelligences? Factory worker? Actors? News Reporter is not my first guess, but for China it makes sense. Some jobs, the ones with the most drudgery, could be done by AI’s in an optimistic version of our future, the future where they don’t wipe us out entirely, according to … Continue reading