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Daniel Brandon Bilzerian was born on 7th December 1980 in Tampa in Florida, US. He is an American actor, amateur poker player, businessman, social media influencer.  His father Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen was the corporate takeover specialist and his brother’s name is Adam Bilzerian. Adam Bilzerian was his fellow in poker gaming. His father Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen was corporate raider on Wall Street who provided trust fund both of his sons. Bilzerian studied at the University of Florida as he claims and studied Criminology and Business there for four years. But this truth is obscure.

Bilzerian The king of Instagram

Bilzerian 5 fit 9 inches tall a poker person is one of the top stars on Instagram and the internet. He the King of Instagram upload his expensive lifestyle photo with expensive cars, beautiful girls, and guns through his Instagram page. He has more than 20 million followers. Bilzerian is the king of his own infatuated world with a gorgeous beautiful lady and his gun. He makes the other infatuated by uploading his attractive and expensive lifestyle photo.  


He is cut his hair by women especially those who are bare-breasted. For carrying his 20mm anti-tank gun, he bought a pickup truck. Usually, he tries to make eight-digit bets on poker games. Indeed, Bilzerian has skinny, a bone-deep tan, hairy legs, and a chest laser-treated.

How Bilzerian maintains his Expensive Life

He has no well-known established commercial company. So the question is how he is able to maintain such an expensive lifestyle. He started his poker story in 2007 came with a full of a suitcase at Lake Tahoe casino. At that moment he was dubbed as ‘a suitcase guy’. Bilzerian played World Series of Poker Main Event in 2008, he achieved 180th place in that event. Bilzerian was banked $36.626 but the actual official numbers are unknown.

He earned around $12 million which is the best and biggest session in his life in these private games as what he claimed and also claimed that he earned $50 million throughout the year in 2014.  He discussed this matter with Joe Rogan on his YouTube channel. Bilzerian openly confessed that he has been benefited from the trust fund that was set up by his father’s name. However, he doesn’t want to reveal the actual figure that he earned. That’s how Bilzerian maintains his expensive life according to his confession. However you can’t ignore his speech, he is such a playboy.

How many girlfriends Bilzerian has

Though you can see lots of sexy and gorgeous ladies around Bilzerian he has no long last girlfriend in his life. For that reason, some people hate him also. He has mostly seen by some sexy lady. I will try to give you a list of them.

Morgan Hultgren:

The Swedish sexy lady with heavy tattoo over the body dated with Dan Bilzerian couple of days for getting Instagram fan follower overnight. She is from Stockholm, Sweden.

Tawny Jordan:

It seems Tawny Jordan is most probably favorite girlfriend of Dan Bilzerian. She has spent lots of time with Bilzerian like other girls. But Tawny Jordan is the lady with whom Bilzerian made most trips around the world. Bilzerian was so close to her.

Lauren Blake:

Bilzerian dated Lauren Blake (37 years old model) in 2016. She is an Instagram model. They traveled to some beautiful places together. They spent quality time in the USA and including Prague, Milan. The playboy broke up the relation with Blake after a couple of months.

Katie Bell:

Dan and Katie Bell met with each other in 2018. Bell is a native model from Florida. Bell was interested to meet with Dan. Dan asked Bell to come in Los Angeles to meet him. Finally, they met together and started dating.Bell was appeared on Bilzerian’s Instagram with couple of picture with Dan.  This helped Bell to boast up her fan follower on Instagram.

Sofia Beverly:

As Dan’s girlfriend, the Instagram model Sofia is the most well-known among other girlfriends. 24 years old the cutest hot Sofia is from Fort Meyers, Florida and certainly, Sofia was Dan’s favorite. They dated each other in 2017.

Controversies of playboy Bilzerian

There are lots of controversies about playboy Bilzerian. Maybe the poster boy Bilzerian likes to be criticized in the internet world.  Some controversies are mentioned here.

  • The playboy Bilzerian once invested $1 million in “lone survivor” movie for getting a role in that movie. The producers of that movie promised to give him 8 minutes of screen and 80 words of dialogue in exchange for $1 million. But the producer reduced his roll to less than one minute and in one line. And so Bilzerian sued the producer and claimed a 20% penalty for his investment.  At last, Dan got $1.5 million for the commercial success of that film.
  • Bilzerian was expelled from a club name Miami nightclub for spurning Vanessa Castano in her face in 2014. Bilzerian told that his female companion was attacked by Vanessa. Finally, Vanessa sued Bilzerian for attacking her. Finally, it was learned that Vanessa had demanded US$1 million to settle the case.
  • Once Bilzerian was seen in a photoshoot with pornographic star Janice Griffith for Hustler Magazine. In one event Bilzerian was seen to try to through Griffith off from the roof of the Bilzerian’s house into a pool. Griffith fell to the edge of the pool and was broken her leg. He claimed $85,000 for her injuries. Griffith filed a case against Bilzerian and Hustler. But Bilzerian protested that it was not his fault as Griffith was under contract for that event by hustler and that’s why Hustler hired Bilzerian.

Bilzerian’s Favourite

His favorite food is chicken and prawn.  The favorite actress is Emma Stone and the actor is Will Smith. the musician is Marshmello. Favorite car is Fiat 500 & DODGE RAM 3500. His favorite destination is Berlin and the color is black. He is a cat lover.

Bilzerian’s net worth

Bilzerian is a founder of Ignite international brand ltd.  Mainly he earns money by playing poker, gambling, acting, and from the trust fund that was set up by his father. Bilzerian’s net worth is around $200 million.

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