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NASA: A Nuclear Reactor To Replace Your Water Heater

In the future you may have a safe low energy nuclear reactor to power your home, or at least to heat your water. This is one suggestion by a NASA scientist several years back. Nothing came of it so far on the consumer market, but it is a strange idea still worth considering. NASA scientist … Continue reading

Unlimited Pollution Free Energy with Graphene Wires?

It is strange that we still pay others for the energy we need to cook, to stay warm and to power our vehicles. Is a clean solution to our energy problems right under our feet? An amazing property of graphene wire is that it transmits heat quickly, even for miles, ten times better than copper. … Continue reading

Video: Energy Generation From Nitinol “Alien” Memory Metal

“It almost looks like perpetual motion.” – Quote about a working Nitinol Engine. One of the memorable things reported at the famous crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 of, supposedly, one or more flying disks, was a super light weight very strong material that returned to its original shape when bent. Major Jesse Marcel, … Continue reading

Invented: Urine Power that Kills Bacteria

Here are two practical ideas implemented in one human waste processing system: Researchers have developed a system which can generate electricity from urine — enough to charge a mobile phone — and also kill bacteria harmful to humans, an advance that could be harnessed to treat wastewater. In this process, wastewater flows through a series … Continue reading

The $1m electric asparagus  generator, hope or nope?

This turbine free wind generator sounded awesome, but will it work? Let’s play “Hope” or “Nope.”  Remember the fairly recent movie Ant Man? I refused to see it because it defied the laws of physics in an annoying way. Something very small that hits you fast doesn’t knock your whole body across the room as shown in … Continue reading

Wind power without blades

The piezoelectric effect turns physical motion into electricity. It doesn’t generate much, (apparently about 0.2 watts per unit,) but if you scaled it to cover the entire side of a large building, you could generate useful power.  To power a single home most would be self-sufficient (plus some to sell back) with 6 kW generator.  … Continue reading

Peer-to-peer energy trading networks are growing

Here’s a great idea that is spreading, power to the people, from the people.  … In a promising experiment in an affluent swath of the borough, dozens of solar-panel arrays spread across rowhouse rooftops are wired into a growing network. Called the Brooklyn Microgrid, the project is signing up residents and businesses to a virtual … Continue reading

World’s largest solar plant is visible from space

How much clean energy does the world need? In the solar power generation olympics, as of 2017, the US takes the bronze medal. China wins the gold, and India is in second place with silver.  The world’s largest solar farm covers 10 square miles and now has 4 million solar panels. It’s the Longyangxia Dam … Continue reading

Why not have real wind up cars?

Think about the implications of spring stored energy scaled up to real cars. Is it possible? An aspiring aerospace engineer blogging at Astrochara, shared with Truestrange a video of a mousetrap powered model car that will travel 60 feet. The plans are available so you can make one: In my AP Physics class we were required … Continue reading

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