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Invented: Urine Power that Kills Bacteria

July 2, 2017


Here are two practical ideas implemented in one human waste processing system: Researchers have developed a system which can generate electricity from urine — enough to charge a mobile phone — and also kill bacteria harmful to humans, an advance that could be harnessed to treat wastewater. In this process, wastewater flows through a series […]

The $1m electric asparagus  generator, hope or nope?

March 25, 2017


This turbine free wind generator sounded awesome, but will it work? Let’s play “Hope” or “Nope.”  Remember the fairly recent movie Ant Man? I refused to see it because it defied the laws of physics in an annoying way. Something very small that hits you fast doesn’t knock your whole body across the room as shown in […]

Wind power without blades

March 24, 2017


The piezoelectric effect turns physical motion into electricity. It doesn’t generate much, (apparently about 0.2 watts per unit,) but if you scaled it to cover the entire side of a large building, you could generate useful power.  To power a single home most would be self-sufficient (plus some to sell back) with 6 kW generator.  […]

Peer-to-peer energy trading networks are growing

March 14, 2017


Here’s a great idea that is spreading, power to the people, from the people.  … In a promising experiment in an affluent swath of the borough, dozens of solar-panel arrays spread across rowhouse rooftops are wired into a growing network. Called the Brooklyn Microgrid, the project is signing up residents and businesses to a virtual […]

World’s largest solar plant is visible from space

February 26, 2017


How much clean energy does the world need? In the solar power generation olympics, as of 2017, the US takes the bronze medal. China wins the gold, and India is in second place with silver.  The world’s largest solar farm covers 10 square miles and now has 4 million solar panels. It’s the Longyangxia Dam […]

Why not have real wind up cars?

January 6, 2017


Think about the implications of spring stored energy scaled up to real cars. Is it possible? An aspiring aerospace engineer blogging at Astrochara, shared with Truestrange a video of a mousetrap powered model car that will travel 60 feet. The plans are available so you can make one: In my AP Physics class we were required […]

Wind power can cover America’s total energy needs

December 17, 2016


In 1999, the US used 97 quadrillion BTUs, or about 18 percent of world’s total energy consumption. Sixteen years later in 2015, total U.S. primary energy consumption was about 97.7 quadrillion BTUs.  Unfortunately, the US lags behind Asia and Europe in renewable energy, with 90% of the energy the country consumes coming from non-renewable, unsustainable sources.  […]

Lightning is more powerful than we thought

December 12, 2016


Florida, for some reason, has more lightning strikes then any other US state. When lightning strikes sand, it creates rock formations that Matthew Pasek, Associate Professor of Geosciences, University of South Florida has used to measure the energy in  lightning bolts. One discovery from examining these fulgurites was that there are mega bolts. A big lightning strike […]

Google 100% renewable power by 2017, entire countries to follow?

December 6, 2016


Google has confirmed it will hit its target of offsetting 100% of the energy used at its data centres and offices against power from renewable sources. The firm first made the commitment in 2015 to go 100% renewable by 2017.In a blog, the company said it was now the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy […]

Radioactive waste into safe diamond batteries lasting thousands of years

November 29, 2016


This will be one of the greatest things invented, if can really be done:  Scientists have figured out how to use nuclear waste as an energy source, converting radioactive gas into artificial diamonds that could be used as batteries. These diamonds, which are able to generate their own electrical current, could potentially provide a power […]

Portabello mushrooms could power your future phone

September 30, 2015


… In a paper published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports on Tuesday, researchers from the university’s Bourns College of Engineering describe how they created a new type of high-carbon lithium ion battery component using heat-treated nanoribbons from the skins of portabello mushrooms. They did that in an attempt to replace synthetic graphite as the […]

France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels

March 21, 2015


Rooftops on new buildings built in commercial zones in France must either be partially covered in plants or solar panels, under a law approved on Thursday. Green roofs have an isolating effect, helping reduce the amount of energy needed to heat a building in winter and cool it in summer. They also retain rainwater, thus […]

A map of human problems

June 21, 2014


I want something I can’t find on the net: a visual interactive map of human problems and where we are along the various paths to solutions. I want everyone to be able to interact with it, add to it, vote on it! We have all this information, so organize it! Who can help? Google? I […]

Solar Freakin’ Roadways

June 21, 2014


Not a good idea from an engineering point of view, but fun! For practical reasons we would be much better off building huge solar arrays across the Sahara desert, not to mention harnessing the tides. Tides are more predictable than wind energy and solar power. Among sources of renewable energy, tidal power has traditionally suffered […]

Yes Men Strike at Homeland Security Conference

May 2, 2014


100% Renewable energy on the way for the USA? Watch the video here. Awesome.

13-year-old builds working nuclear fusion reactor

March 8, 2014


Not many 13-year-olds would describe themselves as an “amateur nuclear scientist.” That’s precisely what Jamie Edwards calls himself. When most kids his age are off playing video games, Edwards stays late after school to work on a control panel for a nuclear fusion reactor. He just reached his goal of becoming the youngest “fusioneer” in […]

Clue to earthquake lightning mystery

March 7, 2014


Mysterious lightning flashes that appear to precede earthquakes could be sparked by movements in the ground below, US scientists say. Unidentified glowing objects were spotted moments before major quakes in China and Italy recently. These flickers could be triggered by shifting soil layers which generate huge electrical charge, say scientists. Using a tub of plain […]

Drilling surprise opens door to magma-powered electricity

February 8, 2014


… Can enormous heat deep in the Earth be harnessed to provide energy for us on the surface? A promising report from a geothermal borehole project that accidentally struck magma—the same fiery, molten rock that spews from volcanoes—suggests it could. The Icelandic Deep Drilling Project, IDDP, has been drilling shafts up to 5km deep in […]

Every Streetlight in NYC to go LED

October 30, 2013


When many people think of New York City, beyond the crowds their image of the city is the lights. Soon, the lit-up skyline will be much whiter because all 250,000 street lights are being switched to LEDs in the biggest retrofit project in the nation. The switch-over is part of PlaNYC, the city’s climate change […]

“Continuous” nuclear fusion comes one step closer

October 9, 2013


Researchers at a California lab have got one step closer in achieving self-sustaining nuclear fusion. If successfully harnessed, fusion – the process which powers the sun – could become an unlimited, and crucially, cheap source of energy. In order to become a viable, sustainable form of energy, power plants driven with fusion would need to […]

New pathway can increase biofuel yields by 50 percent

October 3, 2013


A new synthetic metabolic pathway developed by chemical engineering researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, can break down sugars quickly and efficiently. The researchers believe that the rate in which this new pathway allows for the breakdown of glucose could lead to a 50 percent increase in the production of biofuels. The new […]

British IKEA selling solar panels for free energy after 7 years

October 1, 2013


Swedish flatpack pioneers IKEA are providing eco-friendly British shoppers with their own solar panels. As well as their Billy bookcases, tea light candles and meatballs with lingonberry,IKEA customers can now get add the energy-boosting panels to their shopping trolley. The Skandinavian superstore rolled out the solar panels in their Southampton store yesterday and will sell […]

Solar power may get cheaper with new breakthrough

September 26, 2013


A research team in Europe has achieved a world record-setting solar conversion efficiency of 44.7 percent, and assuming that higher efficiency translates into lower costs, it’s yet another indicator that we’re only at the beginning of a long, steep decline in the cost of solar power. Solar (and wind, for that matter) is already competitive […]

Germany Breaks Its Own Record For Solar Power Generation

August 22, 2013


Germany just broke its monthly solar power generation record once again. In July, the grey-skied country logged 5.1 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity from solar power, slightly better than the 5 TWh of electricity generated by wind turbines it produced in January. As Inhabitat points out, “The accomplishment proves once again that a lack of […]

Microbial Team Turns Corn Stalks and Leaves Into Better Biofuel

August 20, 2013


A fungus and E. coli bacteria have joined forces to turn tough, waste plant material into isobutanol, a biofuel that matches gasoline’s properties better than ethanol.

Solar power users considering legal action against WA government after it announces cut to feed-in tariffs

August 9, 2013


Solar power users considering legal action against WA government after it announces cut to feed-in tariffsBy Pamela Medlen Posted August 09, 2013 17:03:42 Thousands of solar power users in Western Australia are reeling from the State Government’s announcement that it will slash feed-in tariffs. Some say they won’t be able to pay back the loans […]