A Modern Vegetarian Crocodile?

Some ancestors of modern alligators and crocodiles were vegetarians. This is the conclusion of scientists at the University of Utah who have studied teeth of relevant fossils. Based on careful study of fossilized teeth, scientists Keegan Melstom and Randall Irmis at the Natural History Museum of Utah at the University of Utah have found that multiple ancient groups of crocodyliforms — the group including living and extinct relatives of crocodiles and alligators — were not the carnivores we know today. Evidence suggests that a veggie diet arose in the distant cousins of modern crocodylians at least three times. Read more … Continue reading A Modern Vegetarian Crocodile?

Are we in the Year 1722 Instead of 2019? No Charlemagne?

The strangest item for today is this: a claim that 297 years of human history were faked to make some historical powerful people more powerful. The phantom time hypothesis says that the years AD 614–911 were invented with document forgeries during a change of calendars. … the entire Carolingian period, including the figure of Charlemagne, is a fabrication … As the Steely Dan song says, “Get along kid Charlemagne.” Okay, that song has nothing to do with this odd theory, but it started playing in my mind as I considered the name Charlemagne. Wikipedia has quite a long page on … Continue reading Are we in the Year 1722 Instead of 2019? No Charlemagne?

Were Denisovans Bigger and Stronger than Neanderthal?

I saw a Denisovan tooth (molar) compared to a modern human’s and it was amazingly large. A jaw bone from these extinct humans was found in a cave in Tibet and was dated to at least 160,000 years ago. This was in the Baishiya Karst Cave in Tibet. The WSJ writes: “A fossil jaw found in the Himalayan highlands of Tibet belongs to a vanished human species called Denisovans, deepening the mystery of human evolution in Asia, scientists said Wednesday in a new study probing the roots of humankind. Discovered by a local Buddhist monk, the fossil shows these archaic human relatives lived … Continue reading Were Denisovans Bigger and Stronger than Neanderthal?

Neanderthal used antibiotics and pain meds. Was Zeus a Neanderthal?

Did Neanderthal man use penicillin and painkillers? They overlapped with modern humans for thousands of years. We now know we interbread with Neanderthals. From genetic sequencing by 23andme.com, I even know my own percentage of Neanderthal ancestry. They had bigger brains, they were much stronger than modern humans, and better immune systems and eyesight. I have a pet theory about them. I believe they were some of the “gods” in our mythology, and also the “giants in the earth” in verbal stories that later became part of the written Bible. Genesis 6:4 “There were giants in the earth in those … Continue reading Neanderthal used antibiotics and pain meds. Was Zeus a Neanderthal?

Xenothrix, A Strange Extinct Rat-legged Tree Monkey

Some DNA has been extracted from bones found in a cave in Jamaica, comfirming a unique strange extinct monkey with rodent-like legs. Some 11 million years ago, a group of monkeys settled on the island of Jamaica in the Caribbean. With no natural predators in sight, the monkeys were able to simply kick back and enjoy a relaxed Caribbean life. Their care-free lifestyle allowed these monkeys to thrive — they led a peaceful existence on the island up until a few hundred years ago when they suddenly went extinct — but also left a striking mark on their appearance. … … Continue reading Xenothrix, A Strange Extinct Rat-legged Tree Monkey

A Howling Coincidence “Stuckie” the Mummified Dog

Here’s something spooky, a true story. Right as I was reading an eerie article about Stuckie, a dog who got stuck in a tree and became mummified in the 1960’s, my dog (well, not technically mine, but never mind) started howling strongly in the back yard. What the heck? It was very odd, I’ve never heard him do that. When I went out back, I did figure out what was going on. A fire engine siren sounded like a howling dog in the distance and my dog was joining in instinctively. That’s the logical explanation. A mummified dog has been … Continue reading A Howling Coincidence “Stuckie” the Mummified Dog

New Hidden Chamber in the Great Pyramid

I’ve enjoyed secrets of the great pyramids since I was a kid, so I find this exciting: a new large chamber has been located with a new form of imaging. So far it is unknown from the data returned what is in the chamber or even the exact size and tilt of the walls and floor, but it seems big, at least 100 feet long. Scientists using an imaging method based on cosmic rays have detected a large and enigmatic internal structure in the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing, the massive Great Pyramid of … Continue reading New Hidden Chamber in the Great Pyramid

Unbreakable Metal Ring in 200M Year-Old Rock? Nope. Hoax. Here’s proof.

I hunt true strange stuff daily, but it has to actually be true. DiscloseTV’s claim of a metal “ring” found in a 200 million year old geode is not. Proof: I dug up the original photo, no ring. A ring of a seemingly unbreakable and unknown metal-like material has been found within a geode of 200-million-year-old stone. This is only one of many so called “impossible artifacts”. The object was quickly sold to a private collector. It is not unusual that such relics disappear into secret archives locked away from the public. Link One site had this to say: Polished … Continue reading Unbreakable Metal Ring in 200M Year-Old Rock? Nope. Hoax. Here’s proof.

Three Fingered Alien Mummy? 

This is either an interesting work of art, an ancient mutant human, or an alien.  UFO fans are going bonkers over a video of a tiny, three-fingered humanoid found in Peru – claiming it might be proof that aliens once lived on our planet. But others claim it could just be a crude fake – a plaster cast made up to con people into paying to attend a conference. The new, tiny humanoid (allegedly) unearthed in Nazca, Peru by ‘investigative journalist’ Jaime Maussan – who showed off two other mummies last month. Naturally, the usual UFO sites are more than … Continue reading Three Fingered Alien Mummy?