• Can you use solar panels to charge your EV?

    The reason many people make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) is to try to lessen their impact on the environment. Unlike traditional internal combustion engine vehicles that rely on petrol or diesel, electric vehicles use electricity as their primary source of power. The good news is that it is possible to use solar panels to charge your vehicle.

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  • What Happens During an MOT?

    An MOT can feel a bit like visiting the dentist for some, but unlike a check-up, this is a legal requirement. It’s designed to test the main functions of your car to ensure it’s roadworthy.

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  • Importance of regular fleet maintenance

    Regular maintenance for your business fleet is incredibly important. Whether you’re a logistics manager, an entrepreneur managing a delivery or transportation service or even if you run a construction or pest control company, the well being of your vehicles is crucial for the success of your business. That’s why prioritising vehicle maintenance, repairs and replacements is essential.

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  • A quick guide to Chapter 8 chevrons for your vehicle

    If you need Chapter 8 Chevrons for your vehicle, you might be wondering what this entails and what to do. Here are some pointers to get you on the right track for improving the visibility and safety of your vehicle:

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  • The cars with the most expensive windscreens

    Driving any car can be an expensive business, and damage to a windscreen is no exception. With adequate insurance cover, you should be able to contact a Windscreen Replacement Gloucester based service like It’s an irritation; sometimes, the whole windscreen might not need to be replaced. If the crack is small, it can be contained with resin. However, if…

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  • What are Agricultural Trailers?

    Agricultural trailers are specially designed vehicles that are solely used for transporting agricultural products and materials. They are usually uncovered and are coupled to an agricultural tractor or vehicle by two hooks. These trailers are mainly used for harvest haulage, silage transportation, and animal transportation. They are strong and durable vehicles designed to carry a heavy workload. For help with…

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  • The best ways to maintain your alloy wheels

    Alloy wheels are one of the best ways to increase the value of a car and to make it look special. However, whilst they are a great addition to the car, they do need to be looked after. You have to do this to maintain the shine, sparkle and “wow” factor that you get when you are out driving in…

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  • Five Tips to Help you Pass your Practical Driving Test

    Passing your driving test can give you the freedom to get around and be more independent. But for many people, getting through the test is a real worry. If you have a driving test approaching and you are worried about it, here are some ways to increase your chances of passing and to be well prepared for the big day…

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  • How to Save Money in Fleet Management

    If you want to save money in fleet management, you must identify all the unnecessary expenses. Fuel, maintenance and operational costs can quickly spiral out of control. To cut down on these costs, you must develop a fuel-efficiency program, implement an asset tracking program, and monitor usage and theft of fleet vehicles. But most importantly, you must find ways to…

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