A quick guide to Chapter 8 chevrons for your vehicle

If you need Chapter 8 Chevrons for your vehicle, you might be wondering what this entails and what to do. Here are some pointers to get you on the right track for improving the visibility and safety of your vehicle:

When choosing a material for the kit, your choice will depend on the type of vehicle and the roads that the vehicle will be operating on. Engineering grade materials kits are suitable for all vehicles weighing under 7.5 tonnes and operating on roads of under 40 mph. For vehicles operating on roads with a speed limit greater than 40 mph, Prismatic grade chevron kits will be required.

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Engineering grade is primarily used for vehicles that don’t necessarily have to comply with Chapter 8 regulations on roads of a limit of 40 mph and less. Prismatic grade complies with regulation standards and offers higher durability and greater retro-reflectivity. For more information on Chapter 8 Chevrons, visit a site like Vehicle Chevrons.

The premium choice is high performance prismatic grade materials. It offers the best retro-reflectivity and the best daytime fluorescence. The diamond grade material also has the highest performing durability.

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The mount type is also a consideration. There are four mounting methods, which include self assembly, magnetic, flooded or segmented pre-assembled. The chevron kits should cover as much of the rear of the vehicle as possible without obscuring any visibility or windows, lights and number plates. However, different requirements mean there are coverage options including full height, half height and full height glazed.

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