Five Tips to Help you Pass your Practical Driving Test

Passing your driving test can give you the freedom to get around and be more independent. But for many people, getting through the test is a real worry. If you have a driving test approaching and you are worried about it, here are some ways to increase your chances of passing and to be well prepared for the big day…

Check your Mirrors – One of the biggest causes of people failing their practical driving tests is forgetting to check their mirrors and a lack of observation. When you are out on your tests, make it as obvious as you can that you are looking in your mirrors, by moving your head rather than your eyes, and ensuring that you are aware of what is going on around you, especially when changing lanes, at junctions and roundabouts, and when parking.

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Stay Calm – Many people get worried about their driving test, and this can cause you to then behave differently or have impaired judgement. Keeping your anxiety and stress levels down will help you to perform better on your test, so look into ways that you can do this that will work for you – from mindfulness to breathing techniques, there is bound to be something which can keep your nerves in check.

Know the Highway Code – A huge part of the test of course isn’t just driving but doing so safely and legally. This involves being aware of the highway code. Spend some time before your test reading through it – it will help you with many different things that you may want to know when driving from the meaning of Chapter 8 Chevrons, to how to safely overtake a cyclist, to what various signs mean.

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Be Familiar with the Area – Being familiar with the area that you are driving and taking your test in will help you. Your instructor will likely take you out on test routes nearby, so that you can gain confidence on those roads and be aware of what you might encounter there. It is worth practising this at different times of the day as well to ensure that you are well prepared.

Be Prepared – On the day, you should have had a good night’s sleep as this will help with your concentration, and it is also important that you eat well. Be sure that you have everything that you need and are not running late, as this will cause more unnecessary stress before you even begin!

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