Loading vans: How to comply with the law

You probably load and unload your van every day if you’re a business owner or courier.

Van drivers are essential to businesses because they deliver and collect goods efficiently. Many of these businesses do not consider the logistics, safety, or legality of their drivers.

Penalising van drivers or the companies that employ them can be expensive. If van drivers are injured on the job, and they are found to have been working illegally, then it can be very costly for them and their employers.

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Do not overload

There are weight limits for drivers, based on their van size and engine. These limitations apply even if the van is fully loaded. Check the weight and allowance of the items being transported. For Used Vans for sale Cardiff, visit

Secure Items

Ensure that all items are correctly loaded. Secure any items that can move in a sudden stop.

Tie Down

Have spare ratchets ties on hand and make sure to use them. The van door could fly open, causing serious injury and damage. Chapter 8 Chevrons are available in many designs that offer vans additional safety features, making them more visible and identifiable as work vehicles. Make sure to have plenty of ratchet ties, chevrons and other safety features.

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Ensure there is someone responsible for updating all insurance details. If you fail to notify your insurance company, it can lead to hefty fines or invalid policies.

Companies that are responsible should give their drivers manuals and make sure they’ve been trained in safety. The company should ensure that all vehicle inspections are current and choose a reputable service and repair shop.

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