The best ways to maintain your alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are one of the best ways to increase the value of a car and to make it look special. However, whilst they are a great addition to the car, they do need to be looked after. You have to do this to maintain the shine, sparkle and “wow” factor that you get when you are out driving in it. Serious jobs that need fixing may need the help of an Alloy Repair Gloucester based company like Other bits you can do yourself.

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  1. Drive carefully and avoid Kerbsides. One guaranteed way of damaging your alloys is by scraping them against the side of a kerb. This can cause a major scratch or scrape that will need some serious buffing and attention. Learn the dimensions of the car and make sure you leave enough space on the roadside.
  2. Cleaning and polishing. A regular cleaning regime is essential to make sure that all of the dirt and muck that can be thrown into the wheels is removed. This is generally worse in the wintertime, where there is grit and increased mud to deal with. A decent wax polish can be used to make sure there is a protective sheen over the alloys so that muck and water are repelled.

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  1. Invest in a pressure washer. Nothing can resist the power of a pressure washer. It blows all the dirt away. You don’t need a massive unit. Smaller home car washers are available.
  2. Protect your hands. Brakes can produce unpleasant substances like dust. You should also protect yourself from the cleaning fluid as it can be pretty tough stuff and cause irritations to the skin.

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