The cars with the most expensive windscreens

Driving any car can be an expensive business, and damage to a windscreen is no exception. With adequate insurance cover, you should be able to contact a Windscreen Replacement Gloucester based service like It’s an irritation; sometimes, the whole windscreen might not need to be replaced. If the crack is small, it can be contained with resin. However, if the damage is near the driver’s view or the crack is too big, the screen will need to be replaced.

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Spare a thought for someone with an already expensive car. For example, say you’ve got a cool 17 million in your back pocket; you could go for a Rolls Royce Sweptail. It only seats two, but the interior is all handmade. The panoramic sunroof can be adjusted for secrecy, but if it gets damaged, then the costs are considerable.

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The same is true if you invest the one million needed to drive a McLaren P1 off the showroom forecourt. Designed for speed and racing, even on the national roads, a stray stone or falling branch can spell disaster. Given these are already pricey cars, you can bet that the windscreens will come with certain upgrades and improvements. Tinted windows, heating coils and general stand-out features make the replacement of a windshield a scary prospect.

The windscreen may be the weakest part of the car, next to the tyres, but its also essential that its maintained properly.

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