What are Agricultural Trailers?

Agricultural trailers are specially designed vehicles that are solely used for transporting agricultural products and materials. They are usually uncovered and are coupled to an agricultural tractor or vehicle by two hooks. These trailers are mainly used for harvest haulage, silage transportation, and animal transportation. They are strong and durable vehicles designed to carry a heavy workload. For help with Trailer Parts, contact a site such as

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Agricultural trailers come in different styles and designs that are suited to the purpose of the user. These trailers have various features and actions that allow them to do more. Some of these trailers have slope detectors to detect uneven ground, for example. This allows farmers to avoid accidents and increase their productivity.

Many farmers are working towards increasing the payload capacity of their agricultural equipment. A larger payload reduces the number of loading operations, increases the number of goods that can be transported, and lowers costs.

Trailers play an important role in agriculture. For example, grain hopper trailers are used with combine harvesters to haul bulk commodity products. The grain is unloaded into a low-profile hopper at the base of the trailer, and is then transported to the silos or grain bins.

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It is important to select the right trailer based on its capacity. The right load capacity ensures safety, while the correct weight distribution ensures smooth driving and good performance. Proper load distribution helps reduce the risk of collisions between the trailer and the towing vehicle. It also improves traction and steerability. Trailers should have 60-65% of their total weight in the front axles.





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