What Happens During an MOT?

An MOT can feel a bit like visiting the dentist for some, but unlike a check-up, this is a legal requirement. It’s designed to test the main functions of your car to ensure it’s roadworthy.

During the test, a trained technician will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to ensure it meets the minimum safety and environmental standards. The most common causes of MOT failure include faults with the brakes, suspension and lights. The test will also check a variety of other items.

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If your car passes the MOT, the certificate will show if it passed with minor faults or with more serious defects. The inspection will also list any advisory notices that should be addressed to maintain the safety of your vehicle. Think of these as warnings and try not to ignore them, as failing your MOT again in the future could result in fines or invalidate your car insurance. For Gloucester MOT, visit

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The test station will also inspect your tyres, checking their condition, size and tread depth as well as security and colour. The lights and reflectors will be tested too, including headlights, rear lights, indicator (including hazard lights), registration plate light and fog lamps. The horn will also be checked to make sure it works and isn’t excessively noisy – novelty horns that play multiple notes are banned! The MOT tester will also look at your exhaust and fuel system to make sure there are no leaks, visible smoke or a missing or damaged cap.

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