What is car detailing?


Cleaning is the first step in car detailing. Detailing a vehicle is primarily about improving the exterior and interior surfaces of the car to reduce deterioration, and improve its visual appeal. Of course, this all starts with a thorough clean. Detailing is a more thorough clean than just washing or valeting.

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The paintwork of many cars is damaged by the use of sponges and brushes. The clear coat is damaged by abrasive tools. When wiped across the paint, the dirt and grit on top of the paint act as an abrasive. Detailing involves not only a thorough cleaning of the car’s surfaces but also one that is safe. To preserve the clear coat, extra care must be taken to minimise the possibility of scratches and swirls. For Cheltenham car detailing, visit


Detailing includes restorative procedures, primarily for the paintwork. However, it can include areas like the badges, the exterior plastics and trim, as well. Detailing also applies to interiors, mainly leather, fabrics, and plastics.

Detailing doesn’t always eliminate all defects that prevent the car from looking like new. It also does not address major issues such as deep scratches and dents, which require a visit to a body shop. It is more important to enhance the appearance of the car than to repair it.

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Here is when everything comes together. After the vehicle has been cleaned thoroughly, decontaminated, and its finish improved, it must be protected.

The interior as well as the exterior of your home can all be covered in some way.

  • Paint can be sealed with a coating, wax or sealant.
  • Glass can be coated or sealed.
  • You can dress the exterior trim as well as the tyres to improve their appearance, and also to protect them.
  • Interior leathers, fabrics, and plastics can be treated to protect them from UV rays.

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