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Cancer Cells Turned into Harmless Fat Cells in Mice

We are built from cells that form tissues and organs. The free-radical theory of aging says accumulation of cell damage from oxygen (ROS) generated in metabolism eventually ends the balancing act of life. Crudely, we rust faster than we repair. Biological longevity is sometimes seen as a ballance between cells that die too fast (senescence) … Continue reading

‘Ravenous, Hairy Ogre’ Microbe an Entirely New Branch on Tree of Life

Have you ever seen a hemimastigote? It’s just a kind of bacteria, right? Not so. There may or may not be aliens, but there are strange creatures to explore right under our noses and plenty of discoveries still to be made in evolutionary biology. Recently in Canada, genetic analysis of an odd microbe known as … Continue reading

AI to decode Dolphin Language

A human language focused artificial intelligence has been working on decoding dolphin communication, attempting to build a dictonary of dophin language. After mastering 40 human languages, a Swedish startup has turned to dolphins, hoping to use its language-analysis software to unlock the secrets of communication employed by the aquatic mammals. Using technology from artificial intelligence language-analysis … Continue reading

1.2B Yrs of Missing Rock and Origins of Life

Around the globe our earth is missing miles of rock from a certain time in geological history and until recently this fact was a complete mystery. Now we have a possible explanation. The earth, for some reason, several times around 720 million years ago and again 580 million years ago became a huge snowball and … Continue reading

New Record: Ant Jaws Move at 200 mph + Spring Powered Cars

A new world record for the fastest moving animal parts has been claimed by an ant. The Dracula ant’s snapping mandibles are used to stun other insects. Is the stored spring energy they use to accomplish this something we could learn from and utilize? The ants use this scary, high-impact motion, which is 5,000 times … Continue reading

Real-time Footage: Single DNA Molecule Replicating

Reality is full of surprises. Even at the most basic level of our biology, our DNA, there seems to be an engine of random activity as the seed of creation. A real-time video of DNA being coppied below (2017 research) shows a component of this chaos in creativity. We, as all self-organizing systems do due … Continue reading

There are Now Plants and Animals on the Moon

Strange but true, there are, as of January 3, 2019, plants and animals on the moon. A biosphere experiment in China’s unmanned Chang’e-4 lander contains rockcress seeds, potato seeds and silkworm eggs (in a container on the probe) on the far side of the moon. A small “tin” in the lander contains seeds of potatoes … Continue reading

Contact Found 28 Yrs Later in Eyelid + Man With (Almost) No Brain

Here is one of the strangest medical cases from 2018. A woman lost a contact lens and it was found 28 years later … inside of a cyst in her eyelid. It was successfully removed with surgery and her problems went away. When a woman in the United Kingdom lost her contact lens while playing … Continue reading

Brain Study: Creativity is Supressing the Obvious

Very creative people can be oddly oblivious to the obvious. New brain research suggests that suppression of our most common pathways (thoughts) is the underlying mechanism for creativity. Remember as you read that brain waves are only patterns resulting from groups of brain cells sending signals. Brain waves are the electrical sums of brain cell … Continue reading