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The Kangaroo Chicken Mouse, aka Jerboa

Welcome to the weekend. The best strange thing I have for you today is an unusual little beast, a creature I call the kangaroo chicken mouse. They are not actually in the mouse, kangaroo (or obviously chicken) families, however. Officially known as a jerboa, this crepuscular hopping desert rodent Native to North Africa and Asia … Continue reading

3D Printing Human Hearts with Stem Cells

With thousands waiting for replacement hearts around the world, the quest is on for created replacements made of patient stem cells or rejuvenated heart tissue to avoid problems with tissue rejection as often occurs with donor hearts. Israeli scientists have moved science one step closer in the quest. Scientists at Tel Aviv University have printed … Continue reading

Failed De-Extinction of Frogs that Give Birth Through the Mouth

Here’s a strange and interesting project: the attempted de-extinction of the Gastric-Brooding Frog. This unique animal went extinct in the mid-1980’s, we think due to a fungus introduced into their habitat by humans. It is only fitting then, that we try to bring them back. The Lazarus Project tried in 2013. The gastric-brooding frog, also … Continue reading

A First: Lizard Births Live Young AND Lays Eggs

In Australia is a unique animal, a lizard known as a three-toed skink. It is one of the very few vertebrate animals that both lays eggs and gives birth to live young, and in a recent strange discovery a pregnant skink was for the first time observed to use both methods in the same litter. … Continue reading

Why Mole Rats Don’t Get Cancer + Total Cure for Human Cancer (Claim)

How do the only mammals that don’t get cancer pull off this biological trick? Scientists have figured it out and are working to use this knowledge to help fight human cancers. The trick they use is a “suicidal protein, called interferon beta” which quickly kills precancerous cells and their damaged neighbors. … Blind mole rats  … Continue reading

Video: Monkeys Ride a Giant Rodent

Isn’t it a nice surprise when you discover a large animal different from all the other’s you’ve ever seen … and it is real? Yes, there really are ROUS’s Rodents of Unusual Size and as you can see in the video below, they don’t mind if a few squirrel monkeys hitch a capybara-back ride. A … Continue reading

First Direct Imaging of DNA Fibers’ Double Helix

Isn’t it strange that you are made up of perhaps 37.2 trillion cells, almost all of which have a copy of your complete DNA? Here is a first direct image of DNA, the physical structure that holds the instructions used to make you. That dark line in the image is stretched out DNA. The double … Continue reading

Poisonous Frogs with Fluorescent Heads

A strange unique feature of some small Brazilian amphibians was recently discovered: natural fluorescence. In the Brazilian Atlantic forest, pumpkin toadlets (Brachycephalus ephippium) are tiny, brightly-colored, and poisonous frogs. Seen by day, they walk around the forest producing soft buzzing calls in search of a mate. Interestingly, Postdoctoral Associate Sandra Goutte discovered not only that Brachycephalus … Continue reading

Three Babies from Two Wombs in One Woman

About one in every million women has two uteruses. A woman in Bangladesh, 20 year old Arifa Sultana Iti, has this biological condition, uterus didelphys, but it was unknown to her and further, strangely, was not detected when she had a normal birth of a baby boy. Then, under a month after her first birth, … Continue reading