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Sound Alternatives to Dog Anxiety Meds for Fireworks

New Years celebrations approach and fireworks terrify some dogs. I was there when a good dog, a years long pet of friends, died from firework fright of a heart attack one sad night. In recent news, the US has approved Pexion ( which contains imepitoin an anti-convulsant once used to treat epilepsy in humans), a … Continue reading

Pot Gives a High Due to Viruses

A true strange fact for marijuana lovers: they owe the high times with the world’s most popular illegal drug to viruses. Specifically, what has been discovered is that ancient viruses brought the genes for making THC into plants. The enzymes … making THC and CBD are encoded by THCA and CBDA synthase genes, respectively. Both … Continue reading

(Video) Unofficial Biggest Steer in Australia

This giant Holstein-Friesian steer in Australia named Knickers is said to weigh over 3,000 lbs and to stand 6 feet 4 inches tall. The owner of a gargantuan steer known unofficially as the largest in Australia said the over 3,000-pound bovine’s size saved him from the slaughterhouse. Geoff Pearson said Knickers, the 6-foot-and-4-inch-tall Holstein Friesian … Continue reading

Chinese Researcher Claims First Gene-Edited Babies

He helped make the first GMO humans in China, or so He says. There is a great symmetry in the first engineer of a GMO human being named He, if indeed He did. Chinese scientist (named “He”) claims he helped make world’s first genetically edited babies: twin girls whose DNA he said he altered. He … Continue reading

China Has Successfully Cloned Monkeys

According to this video, China had successfully cloned monkeys some time before January 24, 2018. We already have companies that clone pets. Are we far from the first verified cloned humans? The cloning of primates was long thought to be fundamentally more difficult than horses, sheep and other mammals and therefore much further away.  But … Continue reading

Sight Restored in Blind with Stem-Cell Patch

Congratulations to Mr. Waters who can read again. His restored vision is a scientific miracle wherein some blind persons were given back their sight with stem cell therapy. As it turns out, the body of a mammal is such a fantastic dynamic system that if you put the right kind of stem cells in the … Continue reading

Surprise: A Magnet Can Levitate an Ordinary Strawberry

Just when you think you know how the world works, there is some new surprise. For me, today the surprise was discovering that with a strong enough magnet, scientists can levitate an ordinary strawberry. Really? Below is a video showing this in action. This video would be possible in a freefall lab on an airplane … Continue reading

A Hebra: Horse Zebra Hybrid

Are they real, horse-zebra hybrids? Many believe that two animals with different chromosome numbers cannot produce any offspring, yet here is a living hebra. A horse has 64 chromosomes compared to our 46 and the horse karyotype looks like this: A karyotype is the number and appearance of chromosomes in the nucleus of an eukaryotic cell. The term is also used for … Continue reading

Xenothrix, A Strange Extinct Rat-legged Tree Monkey

Some DNA has been extracted from bones found in a cave in Jamaica, comfirming a unique strange extinct monkey with rodent-like legs. Some 11 million years ago, a group of monkeys settled on the island of Jamaica in the Caribbean. With no natural predators in sight, the monkeys were able to simply kick back and … Continue reading