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Video: Monkeys Ride a Giant Rodent

Isn’t it a nice surprise when you discover a large animal different from all the other’s you’ve ever seen … and it is real? Yes, there really are ROUS’s Rodents of Unusual Size and as you can see in the video below, they don’t mind if a few squirrel monkeys hitch a capybara-back ride. A … Continue reading

First Direct Imaging of DNA Fibers’ Double Helix

Isn’t it strange that you are made up of perhaps 37.2 trillion cells, almost all of which have a copy of your complete DNA? Here is a first direct image of DNA, the physical structure that holds the instructions used to make you. That dark line in the image is stretched out DNA. The double … Continue reading

Poisonous Frogs with Fluorescent Heads

A strange unique feature of some small Brazilian amphibians was recently discovered: natural fluorescence. In the Brazilian Atlantic forest, pumpkin toadlets (Brachycephalus ephippium) are tiny, brightly-colored, and poisonous frogs. Seen by day, they walk around the forest producing soft buzzing calls in search of a mate. Interestingly, Postdoctoral Associate Sandra Goutte discovered not only that Brachycephalus … Continue reading

Three Babies from Two Wombs in One Woman

About one in every million women has two uteruses. A woman in Bangladesh, 20 year old Arifa Sultana Iti, has this biological condition, uterus didelphys, but it was unknown to her and further, strangely, was not detected when she had a normal birth of a baby boy. Then, under a month after her first birth, … Continue reading

Do Bacteria Living in the Sky Control Earth’s Weather?

Here’s a true strange fact: there are bacteria living in clouds. Somehow, in extreme cold water droplets which are chemically challenging, these hearty organisms carry on living. Not only that, but some researchers believe that bacteria living in the sky have major effects on our weather. How is that possible? Some of what sky bacteria … Continue reading

Mongooses talk like us

Here is a strange fact: We may have more in common with mongooses than most people know. According to some research these social animals seem to have “names” and they may keep eachother informed about their activities with vocalizations. In old Indian traditions throughout parts of Eurasia, there is a belief that the mongoose is … Continue reading

Body Language Trumps Face for Conveying Intense Emotions

If you are trying to understand a confusing situation involving humans, it is very useful to observe body language. Large body movements, tenseness, swaying and fidgeting are very instructive even beyond facial expressions according to research: Be it triumph or crushing defeat, exhilaration or agony, body language more accurately conveys intense emotions, according to recent … Continue reading

Videos: Robot Jellyfish: Underwater and Flying

Today’s strange topic is robotic jellyfish. The idea has been around for a while and there are now several different working models. I got interested in them back in 2013 with this article: Swimming with the Robotic Jellyfish Virginia Tech College of Engineering researchers have unveiled a life-like, autonomous robotic jellyfish the size and weight … Continue reading

DNA transistors pave way for living computers

Have you ever thought about computers made from living cells? Before the Internet (that’s how old I am) I had an idea about self-healing molecular memory. DNA does some of the things needed for this naturally. This is an older article, but still strange and intersting. Two groups of researchers have independently built the first … Continue reading

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