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Top Views for TrueStrange this Week

This small peaceful odd news blog has had little impact. This is good, from my perspective. I don’t want to be an “influencer,” I just want to say a few words about things I find of interest, like millions of others are doing. I just do it here rather than on Facebook because I learned … Continue reading

True Strange News On Instagram

Instagram is currently easier than WordPress for me to post strange news alerts, so I’m more active there these days. Follow there for the latest interesting odd stuff from around the world. Search for @truestrangenews in the Instagram app or on Instagram.com Also, I’m following hundreds of news channels on Periscope, same handle there @truestrangenews … Continue reading

Protest: No more Posts Until WP.com Fixes Cut and Paste in the iPhone App

It has become too difficult to post and edit on this WordPress.com site because a very basic feature (cut and paste of text) is broken in the current version of the iPhone WordPress app. No more posts until they fix this. They say soon. Follow @xenophilius on Twitter for daily strange and interesting stuff. – … Continue reading

How I Got 82,408 Followers Today

The helpful technicians at WordPress.com cannot tell you the number of people who are following a site that you do not own, but you can often see this number on their web site if they have the “Email Followers” WordPress.com widget installed. This is the default widget that you get with a WordPress.com blog. Wow, … Continue reading

Goodbye WordPress “Likes” (*mostly*)

Hello. As of today the “Like” feature is turned off for this WordPress.com web site. (Supposedly… somehow several people liked this post, lol.) As much as I enjoy this way to connect with some of you, this change will allow me to move truestrange.com to a non-WordPress.com platform in the future, if that is needed. … Continue reading

Can I Keep Sharing News Excerpts Legally?

It is unclear if the Internet will ever ban the sharing of excerpts from news articles and stories. It might, even with “transformative” commentary added. As this site is non-profit and educational and links back to original sources, it may continue for some time. Still, I could see things swinging in the more prohibitive direction, … Continue reading

Happy Elvis/Bowie/Xeno Birthday

Once again it is, today, my shared birthday with Elvis Presley and David Bowie. This year I’m spending my birth anniversary in a snowy cabin in the woods alone in the shadow of a massive volcano, working on my 100 original songs project and daydreaming a bit. They say the first step is knowing what … Continue reading

Getting 1,000 “Real” Instagram Followers

Psst. Want to see something amazing? I’ve experimented with Instagram to see how to spread the word there. One reliable way to get followers is to follow a bunch of people. In the following images you can see my progress getting past 1,000 followers in a few days. While trying this way, I discovered “follow … Continue reading

My Web Traffic Is Coming Back, Out of the Google Dog House

If you run a web site, you probably get spam from small companies offering to fix your site and increase your page rank in search engines like Google. A lot of this SEO spam is bogus. (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The goal is to get your site to appear near the top of … Continue reading

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