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Happy Elvis/Bowie/Xeno Birthday

Once again it is, today, my shared birthday with Elvis Presley and David Bowie. This year I’m spending my birth anniversary in a snowy cabin in the woods alone in the shadow of a massive volcano, working on my 100 original songs project and daydreaming a bit. They say the first step is knowing what … Continue reading

Getting 1,000 “Real” Instagram Followers

Psst. Want to see something amazing? I’ve experimented with Instagram to see how to spread the word there. One reliable way to get followers is to follow a bunch of people. In the following images you can see my progress getting past 1,000 followers in a few days. While trying this way, I discovered “follow … Continue reading

My Web Traffic Is Coming Back, Out of the Google Dog House

If you run a web site, you probably get spam from small companies offering to fix your site and increase your page rank in search engines like Google. A lot of this SEO spam is bogus. (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The goal is to get your site to appear near the top of … Continue reading

15,000+ Posts on Xenophilia.com Now Restored, Happy New Year

Hello Fellow Time Travellers, I’ve done much technical fiddling to revive xenophilia.com as the now archives for truestrange.com. Stop by Xenophilia — which means “love of the strange” — to browse over 15,000 articles collected over more than 15 years. Hosts tell me I could make money if I had ads on the site, but … Continue reading

How to Get 1000+ Followers (Meet and Greet)

Just starting a blog? Want more followers? One of the best kept secrets in terms of finding new followers is to announce your blog in meet and greet posts like this one. I'm a voracious blog reader. I monitor the titles of thousands of articles per day in various formats for new ideas for this … Continue reading

Land of Shadows

Over the past two months I’ve been having some very trippy progressive neurological symptoms. I was fine before 3/3/2017, its been a fast onset. As of today its getting too painful to even use my hands. It might be Lyme, mold, cancer, mad cow… who knows… tests and more tests.  I hope to beat it, … Continue reading

Celebrating 10 years of Blogging

It seems I’ve been blogging for ten years on WordPress. Thanks, WordPress, for providing ever evolving blogging tools. Blogging strange news (+health and science breakthroughs) for over a decade has been fun. It always seemed a better hobby than other options. I hope my thousands of days of unpaid community service have helped you or entertained … Continue reading