Dust and airborne particles in industrial plants

In our modern society there is a much greater emphasis on the technology that we use. However, this brings with it certain challenges in the workplace that need to be addressed. Phones, medical equipment, anything that involves the building of computer components, all require a dust and particle free environment. It’s why such production facilities will look to use Pneumatic conveying. This is a great way to move products around the facility with the minimum of fuss and effort without damaging the goods inside or creating even more dust and particles.

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Dust and particles can damage sensitive components and result in the loss of the parts. Excessive dust in the air can also create numerous health problems that will affect human lungs if they are exposed to them over a short or long period of time. Removing dust in the air can be achieved with the use of a misting machine. These are impressive cannons that fire fine droplets of water into the air to catch the particles in the air. This atomised mist has to be the right size to give them the weight to bring the water droplets down to the ground. They also represent a cheaper option than other systems.

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A fogging system is also used but these are designed more for the heavy industry sector. Unlike the misting cannons, a large amount of water is consumed by the system. The reason for this is that the dust produced in an industrial setting is much greater than a tech lab.

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