Formulating a Business Fire Safety Plan

Formalising a business fire safety plan is essential if you want your employees and visitors to be safe in the event of a fire. Having a plan in place can help you prepare for the worst case scenario and reduce the likelihood of a disaster. You will want to assign roles to employees so that they know exactly what to do if a fire breaks out. Designate one person to act as a fire marshal, remove potentially hazardous items, clear emergency exits, and install fire extinguishers.

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In addition to preparing the entire staff, your plan should include how to communicate in the event of a fire. You should determine how to notify all employees, including those in high-rise buildings. Be sure to plan for people with disabilities or visitors who don’t know the building. You should also outline who will assist with rescue and medical assistance, and how employees will be accounted for after evacuation. A good plan will help your business minimise potential losses and minimise injuries. Knowing exactly who is in the building is crucial. Consider a Visitor sign in system from a site like Ofec Visitor Sign in System

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Your plan should outline who will be in charge of a specific role if a fire occurs. This plan should also outline how everyone will communicate with each other, as well as with the fire department. You will likely have one person who is responsible for this, but different facilities will need different communication roles. A well-constructed plan will ensure that all employees are prepared to handle any situation and minimise damage.


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