How flexible van hire can benefit your business

There’s no doubt that van hire can be beneficial to many businesses. The question is, why is flexible van hire a more attractive option than short or long term? Here’s everything you need to know about flexible van hire for business.

No hidden costs

With the rising cost of living, businesses need to save money wherever possible. With a flexible schedule, business owners aren’t tied down to specific dates. No notice is required for vehicle returns so you can return the vehicles before the lease period ends. Just pick a date that suits you with the knowledge that there are no added penalties and no additional costs.

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Balance sheet exempt

Usually, businesses are required to bring all lease commitments onto their balance sheets. However, if your leasing contract is less than six months, you are exempt from this. If you’re looking for van hire Bristol, you can learn more about this from the experts at

Fleet demand

Fleet demand may fluctuate from time to time. You may find you need more or fewer vehicles for your fleet as demand differs. Having a flexible contract means you can increase or decrease your fleet as and when you need to. According to Fleet World, British drivers are shifting their preference to more flexible leasing.

Fleet maintenance

Using flexible hire will ensure your fleet vehicles are well maintained so you don’t have to worry about it. Your hire provider will be responsible for vehicle maintenance. In addition, you won’t have to worry about completing administrative tasks for the vehicles. This can be time-consuming but with flexible hire, this won’t be your responsibility.

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Choice of vehicles

Your business may need a fleet for many different reasons. If demand for your product increases, you may need to use bigger vehicles than you have previously. Flexible hire offers the optimum solution for your business needs. Rather than turning down work or needing to make pricey modifications on your vehicles, you can just swap to better-suited vehicles.

Flexible hire makes sense for any business wanting to grow over time.

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