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Increasingly television is becoming outdated. With more and more under 25’s saying that they watch youtube or a streaming service over the regular mainstream and satellite channels the quest for market share is becoming more and more fraught. The battle for companies like ITV, who were once the dominant force in television, at one point being bankrolled by advertising revenue with incredible incomes, is how to attract companies back. The reality is that the future of advertising may actually lie in this new social media world and the promotional video is a fantastic opportunity for your business to get involved in.

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The promotional video should be innovative and fresh. This is especially true if you work in the technical industry. In fact, you could use Drone Filming London based company There is nothing quite like a promotional video beginning with the building you work in being filmed from above or dynamically via these incredible robot systems.

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Don’t be afraid to put yourself in the video. In fact, make sure that you do. Customers relate well to the appearance of a CEO or manager who cares enough for both their own business and projects to publicly endorse them on screen. Secondly, feature staff members talking about the business and don’t employ actors. Talk passionately about what you do and what it means to you. Blowing your own trumpet is never a bad thing in these circumstances.

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