Should you buy event insurance?

Planning an event can take a lot of time and money, so ensuring your investment is always likely to be a sensible move. Let’s take a look at event insurance and why it is something you might want to consider.

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What is event insurance?

This is a type of insurance designed to offset financial losses if unforeseen circumstances disrupt your event. This could include postponements, cancellations, or interruptions caused by the likes of unexpected events, natural disasters, or extreme weather.

Are there different types of event insurance?

There are a variety of event insurance policy choices available. Ranging from multiple event policies to single event insurance, you can cover everything from festivals to conferences.

Other factors to consider

You are also likely to need public liability insurance for many events and may have to comply with other regulations, depending on the type of event you are organising. The Local Government Association website has lots of useful information about holding public events.

You may also have to consider other ways to protect your guests or members of the public. Event medical cover may be needed, for example, which will provide paramedic or other medical services in the event of issues occurring.

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Event Medical Cover and the right insurance and regulation compliance can ensure you enjoy your event and minimise the risk of financial losses and other problems. Personal and business events are a reflection of the organiser in many ways, so offering a safe, well-planned and insured event is crucial in creating the right impression.

The cost of your event insurance will be dictated by the amount of cover you need, what type of event you are planning, which insurance provider you source your policy from, and a range of other factors.

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