Tricks of the gaining entry trade

Crime is everywhere whether we like it or not and the best thing we can try to do is to prevent it. Criminals like an easy life much like the rest of us in our line of work. Therefore if you make it easy to gain entry to your office then you are going to be in great difficulties. The thing to do is to build an environment that the criminal will find hard to operate in rather than wait for it to happen and hope the Police can find the perpetrators and the things they’ve stolen.

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Criminals are innovative and clever. Whilst a good degree of CCTV, name badges, staff training and a Visitor Management System like that from Ofec  are all a step in the right direction. It’s quite surprising that criminals have used ways to enter sites with the minimum of fuss and bother. This is especially true in large corporations where it’s not possible to know everyone and what department they work in.

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Imagine the situation. A member of staff comes along to the entrance of the building. Someone is struggling to get a package in through the door. They may even be in uniform. The member of staff assumes that the person is legit and helpful and holds the door open for them. Another example is Mr Late. As the staff member comes into work and uses a pass to open the door they suddenly find someone distracting them with the weather or that they are running late. Helpfully the member of staff gives way for them without Mr Late not scanning their id.

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